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Study only the most relevant CPA topics for your exam. Our digital textbooks are paired with world-class video lectures to help you digest complex concepts as efficiently as possible.
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eTextbooks Features & Benefits

Our digital CPA textbooks provide a seamless self-study experience.

Written and Illustrated
by Experts

Study up-to-date CPA topics prepared by our accomplished team of educators.

A Complete
Learning Experience

Each eTextbook is delivered with an associated video lecture and QBank, giving you flexibility as you study.

Accessible on
Mobile & Tablet

Carry your course books in your pocket with our fully-featured mobile app.

Content Updated in Real Time

Each eTextbook is updated by our team of CPA experts to reflect the latest AICPA blueprints. No matter when you sign up for UWorld Roger CPA Review, prepare with confidence knowing that every concept you learn is likely to appear on the exam.

Content Updated in
Real Time

UWorld Roger CPA Review in eBook format

Interactive Features to Enhance Your Learning

UWorld Roger CPA Review Course Outline note taking feature

Interactive Features to Enhance Your Learning

UWorld Roger CPA Review eTextbooks come with the ability to highlight and take notes as desired. Once your notes are saved, they are automatically organized in the “Lectures” tab with convenient search filters.

Aligned with Engaging Video Lectures

Every eTextbook is presented with a related video lecture in sections, or access the entire book at once. Choose a classroom environment where you can listen to a lecture and take notes or just read on your own.

Aligned with Engaging
Video Lectures

UWorld Roger CPA Review Course Outlines with video lecture

Read Your eTextbooks From Anywhere

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Read Your eTextbooks From

All of our CPA course content is available on your tablet or smartphone through the UWorld Roger CPA Review mobile app. Study on the go without lugging around piles of books.
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Digital CPA Textbooks for Each Exam Section

Whether you’re preparing for your first exam, your final exam, or somewhere inbetween, UWorld Roger CPA Review eTextbooks can help pave your way to success. Each section’s eTextbook ensures you get the full coverage of topics laid out in the AICPA blueprints.

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Frequently Asked

All UWorld Roger CPA Review content is continuously updated to reflect current AICPA blueprints. This includes our digital CPA textbooks. Candidates can have peace of mind knowing their CPA study materials are automatically updated to reflect what they need to know for their exams.
The UWorld Roger CPA Review course experience is designed with complete integration in mind. When viewing the full course, users can see which practice problems are associated with each eTextbook section. Similarly, QBank answer explanations contain a link to the chapter and section each question is about.
To enhance your learning experience, each video lecture is displayed side-by-side with the associated eTextbook section. Students then have the option to follow along or simply read the text separately. The benefit is having all related material conveniently located in the same place.
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