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The UWorld Roger CPA Review course offers CPA Exam books for each section of the exam, including the AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG. These CPA study materials are part of UWorld’s comprehensive program that is proven to help you pass the first time. UWorld’s team of experts have developed the course textbooks to focus candidates on the precise information needed to pass, without any extraneous and distracting information.

CPA Exam Review Textbook Outlines

UWorld’s CPA Exam textbooks are designed with the student in mind, ensuring a seamless self-study experience. The content is continuously updated to align with the AICPA® blueprints so that students are prepared no matter when they plan to sit for the exam. Textbooks are well-organized and easy to navigate, with visually rich illustrations and invaluable mnemonics.

The CPA prep books are part of an integrated learning system, working in tandem with all other UWorld CPA review course materials. For example, course lectures are delivered side-by-side with the relevant section of the eTextbook so you can cross-reference as you study. Furthermore, each practice question is also linked to a specific lecture video and textbook excerpt. When students review their answer explanation after completing a practice question, they can easily refer to the relevant lecture and text if they need further clarification.

Why Do We Offer CPA Exam Books?

UWorld’s CPA Exam textbooks are succinct and to the point, keeping students focused on the information they need to pass the CPA Exam. Textbooks work hand-in-hand with UWorld’s comprehensive CPA Exam review program, making for an optimum learning experience.

Why Are the UWorld Roger CPA Review Books Better Than the Others?

At UWorld, our extensive team of accounting educators and practicing CPAs work together to create the most efficient and effective CPA study materials, which include our CPA Exam textbooks. Unlike other CPA Review courses, our textbooks do not waste candidates’ time on experimental or infrequently tested topics. Instead, we focus students on exactly what they need to pass, with visually stimulating content that is easy to navigate and aids in concept mastery more than any other CPA Exam study books.

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What Is the Difference Between Physical CPA books and Digital CPA Books?

UWorld provides both digital and physical versions of its CPA prep books. The digital textbooks, also known as eTextbooks, are included in all CPA Review course packages. The physical or printed versions of the course textbooks are available in select course packages.

Digital Books

The UWorld CPA Review eTextbooks are delivered side-by-side with the course video lectures, providing a streamlined learning experience. These digital CPA test prep books are updated in real-time and include many helpful features to enhance the learning experience, including the ability to search, highlight and take notes. Because these CPA Exam study books are available on multiple devices, they are easy to store, transport, and access at any time.

uworld cpa review digital textbooks and video lectures

Physical Books

In a digital world, non-digital CPA study materials, such as physical course textbooks, still have several benefits. This includes reduced eye strain and eliminates the need for the internet, a battery, or any kind of software. Physical CPA Exam books are also a great option for kinesthetic learners who likes a hands-on study experience. Many students prefer flipping through a traditional textbook as well as highlighting and taking notes directly on the textbook pages.

AUD CPA Exam Book

CPA candidates taking UWorld Roger CPA Review’s comprehensive Auditing and Attestation course will receive access to the AUD CPA Exam book. This textbook is updated regularly to align with the most current AUD blueprint, provided by the AICPA. The topics covered in UWorld’s CPA audit book surround the auditing process. This includes the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, generally accepted accounting standards, standards related to attest engagements, and auditing procedures.

BEC CPA Exam Book

Candidates preparing for the Business Environment and Concepts section of the CPA Exam with UWorld have full access to our BEC CPA Exam book. The CPA BEC book is updated regularly to match the most relevant AICPA blueprints, covering several topics related to a CPA’s professional obligations and responsibilities in the business environment, along with other key business principles.

FAR CPA Exam Book

The Financial Accounting and Reporting section of UWorld’s four-part CPA review course provides students with access to its FAR CPA Exam book. Our team of experts ensures that the CPA FAR book is updated regularly, to align with the AICPA’s blueprints. FAR covers a wide range of topics, specifically related to U.S. GAAP. This includes financial statement concepts and standards, typical financial statement items, types of transactions and events, governmental accounting and reporting, and not-for-profit and nongovernmental reporting and accounting.

REG CPA Exam Book

UWorld provides students of its Regulation CPA review course access to the REG CPA Exam Book. The CPA REG book is always up-to-date with the most recent AICPA blueprints, covering topics such as U.S. federal taxation, U.S. corporate law, and U.S. ethics and professional duties connected to tax practice.

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Yes, UWorld CPA prep books are updated regularly to align with the most recent AICPA blueprints. The online CPA books are updated in real-time, providing students with immediate access to the content they need to prepare for the current CPA Exam.

Yes, all UWorld Roger CPA Review course materials are integrated for a seamless learning experience. Each practice question is tagged with the respective CPA Exam review book chapter. Therefore, students can easily test their knowledge after reviewing a chapter, or vice-versa. They can reference the relevant chapter for guidance when working through a practice question.
Yes, the UWorld CPA Review course is an integrated system in which all learning materials work together. Each video lecture is tagged to and delivered side-by-side with the respective textbook chapter for streamlined learning.

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