CPA Exam Scheduling

Once you receive your CPA Exam Notice to Schedule (NTS), you have a limited amount of time to schedule the day and time of your CPA Exam(s) based on the expiration date listed on your NTS.

How To Schedule the CPA Exam

Before you start scheduling the CPA Exam, first find out if you’re eligible. All CPA candidates who want to schedule their CPA Exam, must ensure they have met all of their state’s educational requirements to sit for the Exam* prior to registration. Once the educational requirements are met to sit for the CPA, it’s time to apply to sit for the CPA Exam by visiting the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy to complete all CPA Exam-related tasks. *Note: If you are sitting for the CPA Exam in a provisionary state, you may be able to sit for the CPA Exam a few months before completing all education requirements. Read more about provisionary states in our article, “Best States to Sit for the CPA Exam and Why! Once you’ve met the educational requirements to sit for the CPA Exam, visited the NASBA Website, chosen the jurisdiction where you’ll sit for the CPA Exam,  and paid all fees, you’ll receive approval to take the CPA Exam. This approval is called the Authorization to Test (ATT). The ATT allows you to choose the CPA Exam section(s) you want to take. Once you pay the required fees to NASBA for the CPA Exam sections you’re taking, you’ll receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS) via email. Once you receive your NTS, you’ll need to sign into your account on the NASBA Website and print your NTS. The NTS indicates which sections of the CPA Exam you’re approved to take.

Important Update:
Say goodbye to blackout periods! CPA Exam candidates can now sit for the CPA Exam anytime.
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Scheduling to Sit at Prometric Testing Centers

The CPA Exam is administered by Prometric Testing Centers, open year-round, 6 days a week, with locations across the U.S. Visit to schedule your CPA Exam.

Prior to visiting the Prometric Website, be sure to:

  • Have your NTS for eligibility verification
  • Primary photo identification
  • A personal calendar for choosing the date, time, and location to sit for the CPA Exam.

Things you can accomplish on the Prometric Website:

  • Schedule your CPA Exam
  • Locate a Prometric test center
  • Reschedule your CPA Exam
  • Cancel your CPA Exam
  • Confirm your CPA Exam test date

Suggested Order to Sit for the CPA Exam

There are many theories for the order in which you should take the CPA Exam sections, but there is no requirement and the decision is entirely up to you. Roger CPA Review recommends beginning with the section you find to be the most difficult – for most, this is FAR – to ensure that you allow yourself flexibility, as the 18 Month Rolling Window only begins once you’ve passed your first section. Once you’ve determined which section to take first, we recommend that you sit for that part of the exam immediately after studying for that same section. For example, study for FAR and then take FAR, and so on.
StudyTake 1st Exam, then
StudyTake 2nd Exam, then
StudyTake 3rd Exam, then
StudyTake 4th Exam

Scheduling Your CPA Exam Q&A

You can take the CPA Exam during the first two months of each quarter and the first 10 days of the third month of the quarter. For example, January and February are months available for testing. March 1st – 10th are available for testing. However, March 11th – 31st are blackout dates, or not available for testing. June 2017 will be a full blackout month with no testing days available.

Many test appointments can be canceled and/or rescheduled through the Prometric Website:

  • From the home page, click on the button for what you’d like to do (either cancel or reschedule).
  • Follow the on-screen instructions which will walk you through the process, step by step.
  • Provide the confirmation number you received when you scheduled your exam initially.

The fee to reschedule an exam varies by testing organization, as does the amount of time you have to do so without penalty. Check the procedures specific to the organization whose exam you are taking for rescheduling timeliness and penalties.

Yes, after receiving your Notice to Schedule (NTS) you have to schedule and take your CPA Exam within a certain period of time, which varies by jurisdiction from 90 days to 9 months. The NTS will state the earliest and latest date you can sit for each section of the exam you applied to take.

Candidates are allowed to take all four sections of the exam during any one testing window. However, a candidate may not take the same section more than once during any single testing window.

Yes, your ATT (Authorization to Test) does expire after 90 days. Once you have submitted all required information and fees, CPA Examination Services (CPAES) will send your application information to the National Candidate Database (NCD) for processing.

This packet of application information is known as the ATT. Once the NCD has successfully processed your application, you will receive an ATT. Within 90 days of receiving the ATT, you will indicate which parts you will take and notify NASBA.