UWorld Roger vs Becker CPA Review Course

Many candidates have asked us why they should choose UWorld Roger vs. Becker CPA Review. This is an important question, as selecting the best CPA review course is one of the most crucial decisions you will make as you build your CPA Exam study plan. Read on for a full CPA course comparison of these top two CPA Review courses.

UWorld Roger CPA vs Becker CPA Course Overview

There are several factors to consider when examining CPA review course options, including cost, individual learning styles, study material quality, and more. Here is a high-level CPA Review course comparison of Becker vs. Roger CPA Review.

What you need from a high-quality CPA review program:

Becker CPA Review

High-Quality CPA Exam Practice Questions

Accounting educators and CPAs provide powerful explanations to real CPA Exam practice questions.

Exceptional Instruction

The profession’s most engaging and inventive online lectures delivered in a live classroom-like experience.

Succinct Textbooks

Textbooks are streamlined to give you exactly what you need to pass—no more, no less.

Smart Learning Technology

State-of-the-art technology that enables you to prepare for the CPA Exam more efficiently and effectively.

Innovative Learning Tools

Integrated features like My Notebook and Digital Flashcards use proven learning techniques to help you retain more.

Mobile App

Access all your course materials, including MCQs, TBSs, and audio lectures while on-the-go.

Flexible Pricing and Packaging

Pricing options that make exam prep accessible for all CPA candidates.

Proven Results

Proven with a 94% pass rate, and trusted by the nation’s leading firms and universities.

UWorld Roger vs Becker Free Trials

When conducting a CPA review course comparison of Becker vs. UWorld Roger CPA review, it’s important to check out both course’s free trials. Once in your free trial, click around to see the different features available and make sure you feel comfortable navigating the course platform. Look beyond the surface to inspect the course content, especially the practice questions. Ask yourself: Is the course content high-quality? Will it help me learn and understand the concepts?

The UWorld Roger CPA Review free trial provides the opportunity to try our program for 7-days free. No credit card is required, which means no risk to you! At UWorld, our quality course materials are what set us apart from the rest–so make sure in your trial you create at least one practice test to check out our expert-written answer explanations. If you upgrade to our full package at any time, the progress you have made in your free trial will carry over. Get a head start on your studies today and learn why 94% of our students pass!

Want to pass the CPA Exam on the first try?
See how Roger’s energy + UWorld’s revolutionary Qbank will help you pass the first time.

UWorld Roger vs Becker CPA Practice Questions

We know that the key to passing the CPA Exam is to work through as many high-quality practice multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations as you can. However, not all practice questions include comprehensive answer explanations that will really help you learn and understand the concepts. As you are selecting a CPA review course, remember that quality far outweighs quantity when it comes to successfully preparing for the CPA Exam.

The Becker CPA Review course does include a large number of practice questions; however, many of these questions are redundant, and the answer explanations won’t help you learn the material you need help with. In the UWorld Roger CPA Review program, you will quickly see that our team of specialists have crafted questions and answers that not only align with the AICPA Blueprints but teach you the complicated concepts you’ll see covered on the exam. All questions are accompanied by detailed, yet succinct, answer explanations that include educational illustrations, a full breakdown of why each answer option is correct or incorrect, and a "Things to Remember" summary of key takeaways. Candidates walk away with an understanding of the what, why, and how of each question.

(UWorld Practice Question)

UWorld Roger vs Becker CPA Video Lectures Comparison

Students who are more actively engaged in their learning have higher focus and comprehension, according to research. In an online setting, the most effective teachers expertly involve students in the learning process, which results in improved comprehension and retention. Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA is one of those instructors. His dynamic energy, brilliant mnemonics, and ability to bring concepts to life have helped thousands of students successfully pass the CPA exam.

In contrast, Becker instructors are known for simply reading the textbooks aloud and instructing students on what to circle, highlight, and take notes on within the margins. "When you highlight everything, you highlight nothing," said one irritated Becker student. We believe this lecturing method is ineffective and devoid of important context for CPA candidates.

(UWorld Video Lectures)

UWorld Roger vs Becker CPA Textbooks Comparison

UWorld Roger CPA Review course textbooks align with the AICPA blueprints and provide you with the exact information you need to pass the CPA Exam—no more, and no less. We make sure that your study time is efficient, with an emphasis on highly-tested topics, so you do not have to spend a lot of time on topics that are experimental or tested less frequently. Why is this important? because it's exhausting and ineffective to memorize everything, including topics that most likely will not be tested. Textbooks are available in both printed and eTextbook formats. The eTextbooks are part of an efficient learning system, as they are fully integrated with our video lectures and question banks.

Becker CPA Review does not pay the same attention to detail when developing their CPA Exam course textbooks. To inflate their question count, their books include unnecessary information that has either never been tested, been tested minimally, or has been held over from out-of-date exams. Becker students also find the digital textbooks to be cumbersome.

UWorld Roger vs Becker Technology

The most effective CPA review courses use purposeful technology designed with the student in mind. The ultimate goal should be to provide a streamlined learning experience that helps students absorb and retain the information they need to pass the CPA Exam. Becker has integrated a platform called Sana Labs’ AdaptU Technology, which is available to any review course for a fee. UWorld evaluated their technology several years ago but declined because we knew our experienced team could develop a better system.

UWorld Roger CPA Review's SmartPath Predictive Technology™ is both simple and effective. SmartPath guides you to focus your study efforts where it matters most, providing an efficient learning experience. Using this system, students are directed to finish a particular number of questions based on CPA Exam topic frequency. If a topic is infrequently tested on the exam, Smartpath will propose that you complete fewer questions to save time. If a topic is highly tested, Smartpath will propose that you complete more questions. Smartpath recommendations are based on the combined performance and progress of students who have successfully passed the exam with a high score. This balanced, guided approach helps you reach concept mastery on the most essential CPA Exam topics.

If you meet SmartPath goals, you have a greater than 90% chance of passing the CPA Exam.

SmartPath Predictive Technology™

UWorld Roger vs Becker Learning Tools & Study Materials

Learning tools are an integral part of any study program. The effective use of digital learning tools can increase student engagement, improve comprehension and retention, and ultimately increase pass rates.

Digital Flashcards

Both UWorld and Becker CPA Review courses include pre-filled digital flashcards. However, UWorld is unique in that it allows students to build customized flashcards as well. With a simple click, students can easily create a flashcard directly from UWorld’s course materials, such as the lectures, textbooks, and practice questions. The act of constructing flashcards is a “learn by doing” method in itself, helping students solidify concepts as they create each card.

When students are ready to review their flashcards, they can do so using a learning technique called spaced-repetition technology, which is used by UWorld flashcards for study and practice. This is an evidence-based approach that presents cards at carefully scheduled intervals to boost retention.

best cpa review flashcards

Digital Notes - My NoteBook

The CPA Exam covers a wide range of topics, making it necessary to have a high-level overview of important concepts, formulas, and calculations to review in one accessible location. In the UWorld course, CPA candidates can easily create notes directly from practice questions' explanations, eTextbooks, and lecture videos using the My Notebook tool. My Notebook stores all notes in one central location, making the information easy to access, organize, search, and navigate.

Becker CPA Review includes basic note-taking functionality. While students can easily take notes within their lectures, there is no centralized area to intuitively access and search for later review. Instead, students waste a lot of time hunting down their previous notes by weeding through and clicking on each individual topic.

Study Planner

Having a solid study plan and sticking to it is key to success on the CPA Exam, which is why UWorld Roger CPA Review and Becker both offer CPA review study planners. As a UWorld Roger CPA review student, you can select between our 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-month study planners, which can be customized and adjusted to meet your individual needs. Your UWorld Roger CPA Review study plan will lay out your tasks for each day, so you know how to effectively use your time. It’s important to stay on track with your study plan, and if you miss a day, make it up!

UWorld Roger vs Becker Mobile App

While both UWorld and Becker CPA Review courses include mobile apps, there are some key differences. Here are some feature sets to consider when comparing CPA review course mobile apps:

  • Do the features available on the mobile app match those on the desktop version?
  • Does the mobile app sync with the desktop version of your course?
  • Is the mobile app updated regularly as iOS or Android versions change?

The Becker app has limited capabilities. One of the largest concerns from students is that the app does not include access to all of the course materials, especially task-based simulations. Students have also expressed complaints about unreliable syncing and the inability to read the digital textbooks while listening to a lecture.

Fortunately, UWorld Roger CPA Review has a large and experienced product team that supports our mobile app development. The UWorld app is fully-featured–meaning every aspect of the desktop version of the course matches the mobile version, including task-based simulations, multiple choice questions, lectures, eTextbooks, SmartPath Predictive Technology, flashcards, and more. We make every effort to guarantee that switching between your mobile and desktop versions is seamless, that your data is properly synced, and that you can simply resume your studies where you left off.

UWorld Roger vs Becker Pricing and Course Options

Overall, UWorld Roger CPA Review is less expensive than Becker. Becker has a reputation for exorbitant pricing, making their program inaccessible to many CPA candidates. But we believe that anyone who wishes to advance their career and acquire CPA certification should be able to do so without price as a barrier.

If you are wondering how UWorld is able to keep quality high and prices low, the answer is in our business model. Beyond helping candidates prepare for the CPA Exam, we also help those preparing for other high-stakes tests, such as medical, nursing, financial, the BAR licensing, and U.S. college entrance exams. We can therefore share costs for technology, content development, customer service, and human resources. These cost reductions are then passed on to you.

We also work with public accounting firms and universities to provide candidates with a number of enrollment options. If your employer hasn't yet partnered with us, you can still bill them, and our specialists will work directly with them to reconcile payment.

Course Package Options

When comparing Becker vs. Roger CPA review course packages, you will find that both programs have multiple options to choose from. However, several of Becker's most important elements are only available in their most expensive course package. In contrast, all UWorld CPA Review course packages include the essentials you need to pass the CPA Exam. This includes:

  • Access to our full database of high-quality practice questions with expert answers
  • 100+ hours of the most engaging and motivating lectures in CPA review
  • Our signature SmartPath Predictive Technology™
  • Customizable Digital Flashcards
  • Unlimited full-length practice exams
  • Customizable study planner
  • Fully-featured mobile app
  • And more!

UWorld Roger vs Becker Results

Yes, Becker has been around for over 60 years. But older doesn’t mean better. The CPA Exam and our understanding of how students learn have changed considerably over time, and it's critical that your CPA Review program evolve with the times.

UWorld has invested millions of dollars in the development and deployment of innovative technologies, teaching methodologies, and high-quality content to make sure our materials are second to none. With a 94% CPA Exam pass rate, we can confidently say it works! Over 2 million of the world’s leading accountants, doctors, lawyers, finance professionals, and more have prepared for their high-stakes exams with UWorld. Now, it’s your turn!

Want to pass the CPA Exam faster?
Study smarter, not harder with SmartPath Predictive Technology™.


Becker costs more. When comparing UWorld Roger vs. Becker CPA Review courses, both offer comprehensive packages. However, UWorld’s course packages provide students with everything they need to pass the CPA Exam at a more reasonable price.

The main differentiator when comparing UWorld Roger vs. Becker CPA review is the course content itself. Looking at the two courses’ practice questions and answer explanations is where you can really see the difference. UWorld’s expertly-written answers provide clear and concise explanations of the what, why, and how behind each answer option, as well as thoughtful illustrations to help you comprehend difficult concepts.

Both UWorld Roger CPA Review and Becker provide comprehensive CPA Review course packages that include an abundance of learning tools. But it’s the quality of the learning materials that truly makes UWorld the best CPA review course option.

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