Commercial Paper And Negotiable Instruments

CPA Exam Guest Blogger is back this week (after recovering from the stomach flu!) with her thoughts on studying for business law and a little humor.

Ugh!  I have been studying the business law sections over the last week.  Business law was my LEAST favorite course in college.  Fundamentally business law makes sense; however, it is so technical and there are so many exceptions to the rules.  I find myself getting caught up in the homework questions and also getting very frustrated.  I have to remind myself to take a step back and understand the broader picture someone is trying to transfer a check or note to someone else.  What unusual situations is the problem throwing in to make this more difficult?

I have gone back a few times to Roger’s lectures to re-watch them to ensure I understand the concepts.  In addition, Roger’s notes are SO helpful in this area because he has included a lot of charts and examples.  I have been writing out the charts as I go through the business law section.  When I first started studying for the CPA exam, I started keeping a notebook of things I wanted to review right before I took the exam sort of like last minute topics to study.  My REG notebook is getting big!  I’m going to need lots of review time before I take the exam in January.

Finally a few weeks ago, the Roger CPA Review blog had a very funny post about favorite CPA exam tweets.  I loved it!  Recently I saw this on Twitter and had to laugh!  I wanted to share with all of you this sounds a little familiar, am I right?  

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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