CPA Exam Score Release = Happy Roger Students!

For the staff at Roger CPA Review, score release days are some of our favorites in the year. Judging by  student testimonials submitted from our Facebook, Homework Help Center, and the Student Account, the first score release of 2013 has treated our students well! We’d love to share a few of our favorites with you:

1. “Just finished off (passed) my last section, thanks for the awesome course. You guys kept it engaging and I needed that after 10 years out of grad school. I’ll recommend Roger to anyone who will listen.” – Jason W. via Facebook

2. “I started studying in February 2012 and I passed all the sections by December 2012. It may seem like a long period of time, but I work full time and have a one year old. My study time was about two hours every day (more on weekends) during that time frame. With this great course, I didn’t dread doing the work, especially on video nights! 🙂 The humor and energy really took the edge off and helped me continue. I’m not going to lie, I totally miss watching the classes! I considered extending my subscription just to watch them again, but no…” – Jessica LL. via the Student Account

3. “It’s been a long, bittersweet road but after 2 1/5 years and 11 exams… I am a CPA!! Thank you so much for everything, Roger. In the past 7 months since I have started using your review materials I have already recommended you to 3 friends who want to pass the exam. YOU ARE THE MAN! Final Scoreboard: Team Roger 4-for-5… Team “B” 0-for-6. I will note that the 1 test I didn’t pass with you was when I tried studying for a week (terrible idea). Thank you again and good luck moving forward!” – Ian T. via Facebook

 4. “I signed up for the online review course in August 2012 and was very skeptical on how the next 6-9 months were going to turn out for me.  My wife would joke that I signed up for a ‘budget’ CPA Review course… and to our surprise – it’s just that.  Roger CPA Review course has ALL the tools necessary to prepare accountants for the CPA Exam, but provides everything at a ‘fair’ price.  Instead of the saying “you get what you pay for.” I love your enthusiasm and passion you have for accounting.  You really make studying for the course ‘easy.’  It’s not like I’m forcing myself to get off the couch and study when I get home from work at 6 pm. – Steve C. via Student Account

Would you like to submit your own testimonial recanting your CPA Success? Feel free to share your story in a comment below!

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