CPA Exam Scores Released And Roger CPA Review Students Take The Gold!

Move over fab five – there are new gold medalists in town. After CPA Exam scores trickled in over the weekend, we’re  proud to announce that Roger CPA Review students killed it this round!

Cue the Olympic jams and go nab some tissues, these ones are real tear jerkers!

LOL I got my second 84 in a row….I hope to keep up the 84 streak in my last two sections. 😀 Thank you Roger!” – Lin H., via Facebook

“I just found out I passed AUD with a 92! I’ve passed my first three exams on the first try – and I owe so much of that to Roger Philipp. Thanks!!! One more to go…” – Sarah W., via Facebook

Roger! You are the MAN. I just nailed an 85 on my FAR retake by using your online cram.  I only wish that I had found this program during my 1st takes of the exams. I think with your teaching style I could have passed on the first try.” – Steven D., via Facebook

Well, it’s been a fun journey. Couldn’t have done it without you Rog! 92 on FAR and I’m DONE!!!” – Matt C., via Facebook

Just found out I passed AUD, my final section, with a 91! I could not have made it through this whole process without your review course. Thank you Roger!!!” – Jenna L. via Facebook


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