CPA Exam Scores Released – Get A Fresh Perspective!

CPA Exam scores have just been released, and while your frenemies are jumping for joy, you may be secretly plotting your exile from all-things-CPA. Well, put a plug in your pity party, because hope is not lost. And, as you glare at your sub-75 score, dust yourself off, take a deep breath and change course because this ship is only on one track – CPA. 

Read our tips below, and you’ll be cruising to CPA success in no time!

1. Extreme makeover CPA Exam edition – The strategy for re-studying for a failed exam  depends heavily on how you scored. 

2. Turn that frown upside down! Read this blog to turn your setbacks into success.

3. When life gives you lemons… Tune into Roger Philipp, CPA’s CPA Exam Video Tip on “What to do if you didn’t pass” and get crackin’.

4. Do as Goldilocks did and find the Review Course that’s “just right.” Statistics show that CPA hopefuls who stay dedicated and quickly get back into studying increase their chances of passing the next time around. Roger CPA Review offers a FRESH START DISCOUNT for those who have already invested in a different CPA review course and simply need a change of pace!

How do you plan to nab that 75 the next go-around?

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