Q2 Scores Released – Roger Students Celebrate!

Today marks the first Q2 score release day. For the staff at Roger CPA Review, score release days are some of our favorites in the year. And judging by some of the testimonials we’ve received through the Student Account, they’re some of your favorite days too! We’d love to share a few of our favorite student testimonials with you:

1. “I graduated last May and had no real world experience, so my resume was not attractive to any accounting firms. I told myself that I would take your course and pass all 4 parts of the exam in 6 months, just in time for the hiring season. Lo and behold, I passed 3 out of the 4 in 6 months and was hired by one of the top 10 public accounting firms in the northeast! I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start my career and I went on to pass the 4th part, during my 1st week on the job in January. Your lecture style was engaging and your course was perfectly set up. My only recommendation for improvement is to tell your students to make their own flash cards for each chapter and review them whenever they have free time in order to remember the mnemonics and tougher concepts. I hope you continue to grow and experience success. Thanks again!” – Brian P.

2. “My first attempt with Audit was shocking. I studied using Becker and even attended their Final Review class. I felt prepared to take the exam, and didn’t find the material too complex. I tested in August 2011, waited patiently for my score, and was shocked when I got it…56. I wasn’t even close to passing. The Becker material is so dry and very top-level. I am one of those people that needs to understand why and how things work before I can apply it and understand the concepts. After reading your wonderful reviews, I didn’t think twice about purchasing your Audit Online course. While I was studying I feel like I had “ah-ha” moments where it was all clicking; I was actually understanding the material. I studied and stayed focused (and actually enjoyed watching your lectures) for about 6 weeks. I re-took Audit on January 9th and just got my score back. I passed with an 82. Not only did I pass, I brought my score up 26 points!! I love your teaching style and your way of explaining things. I just purchased your online BEC class and will start studying tonight. Thanks again! – Megan D., Texas Candidate & proud Roger student

3. “82 ON REG! DONE FOREVER.” – Megan K. via Twitter

At Roger CPA Review, we have helped over 80,000 students become “done forever” with the CPA Exam. When will you become one of them?

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