Score Release Day

Daniela got her REG Score! Did she pass? Find out below! 

This has been absolutely my worst wait for a score release.  I went into the exam thinking that I was going to conquer all and I left the exam thinking that it could go either way.  As the days and weeks went by, I started feeling worse and worse about my performance.  I thought that I was going to fail and I thought about the time restraint I have and how I really do not want to take FAR again.  On top of everything the days are ticking away for my next match, BEC, and I have been having such a hard time studying.  I’ve never really studied for any of the sections back to back like this and I find it hard to concentrate with such a huge unknown dangling above me. 

It’s score release day for the NASBA states.  Funny how they say they will release the scores on Monday but usually release the scores on the Friday before.  I started the day surfing different CPA Exam forums waiting for someone to say that scores were being released.  Then it happens.  Someone says that they received their AUD score.  So I check the NASBA Candidate Online Advisory Score website and it tells me there are no scores for that section.  UGH! I click the score button ten more times with the same result.  I say 75 out loud every time I click the score button for good luck.  I decide to go back to work and try to stay busy.  

Then I check the forums again.  Someone says they received their REG score.  My heart drops into my stomach.  This is it.  Honestly, I started tearing up.  I have never been so nervous in my life.  Why is score release day worse than test day? 

I go back to the score website and click the score button.  There it is! Just staring me in the face.  It’s a 91 and I really cannot believe that I passed let alone with a 91!  I texted my mother and boyfriend and siblings and cousins and friends and my boss!  I wish that I could text Roger! I have never been so excited. This whole journey has been such a rollercoaster and it still isn’t over.  Now that I only have BEC left, I have never wanted to be a CPA so badly.  It is so close that I can taste it!  I really need to buckle down for BEC and knock it out the first time.  Otherwise I will only have one more shot at it before FAR expires. 

Lastly, I want to thank Roger and his staff.  I really couldn’t do any of this without his amazing course and the Roger Method!  Thanks for making such a tough exam fun and for all of the support from your staff.

Congrats Daniela! We are so thrilled for you and couldn’t be prouder! 

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