The Study Benefits of Using Flash Cards for the CPA Exam

Using flash cards as a study tool for learning new material is probably not a new concept to most people. Flash cards, a classic study tool, help promote learning through active recall, which is a practice that aids our memory recall most effectively.

The question is: How can active recall be integral to passing the CPA Exam?

Active recall is a participatory style of learning where a CPA candidate is more engaged with the material versus passively being taught information. The task of physically creating flash cards is beneficial in itself, as it empowers candidates to become more actively involved in the learning process; they think about what they’re learning as they participate in creating and reviewing the content. Another benefit of using flash cards is repetition, which is key to learning important CPA Exam concepts.

In our new Roger CPA UWorld course platform, we now include the ability for students to easily create their own digital flash cards directly from the course-ware. Students can then access their customized flash cards from multiple devices with the mobile app, providing a quick and simple way to squeeze in a study session while on-the-go. This is extremely beneficial for someone working towards their CPA credential, as finding time to study can be a challenge in itself.

In addition to our customizable cards, our Elite-Unlimited course package includes over 200 terms, mnemonics, and summaries curated from our team of experts. This allows an increase in study productivity with access to hundreds of flash cards within the course.

Ready to get started with some active learning of the CPA Exam? Try our course for free, download our app, and start creating flash cards today!

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