Tomorrow is the Dreaded FAR Exam


Tomorrow at noon, I sit for the FAR exam and apply all the knowledge I’ve gained through the hundreds of study hours in an attempt to pass my 2nd part of the CPA exam. I’ve imagined a 75, I’ve dreamt of the 75, and now it is time to make my dreams a reality and do all I can to get that 75 or higher.

With every successful thought comes the possibility of failure. As I sit here, taking a break from studying to complete this blog post, I cannot help but think back on the past 2.5 months and how I could have better spent my time. I try not to let FEAR creep into my mind and completely sap all the positive energy flowing through my body. To me, F.E.A.R. is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. Because of your fear and your self-doubt, those negative thoughts that are flowing through your mind will eventually appear real to you. Right now I am battling that fear.

The one thing that keeps me balanced and allows me to defeat this fear is that I know I’ve put in the time and effort to pass this exam. That doesn’t mean I will definitely pass; but what it does mean is that it allows me to confidently tell myself that I have what I need to battle through the exam and I’ve given myself the knowledge to pass.

Now I will go back to quizzing myself and going over Governmental, Not-For-Profit Accounting and various other topics that are frequently tested on the exam. After tomorrow, I will take the weekend off and relax. Then on Monday, I will begin preparing for BEC and begin preparing to take that exam in the first week of July.



-Christopher Boate, Guest Blogger for Roger CPA Review

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