Waiting for CPA Exam Scores

Steven P., our guest blogger this week, sat for the AUD portion of the CPA Exam on August 26th. In todays article, he describes his overall feelings after taking the exam and how he prepared the week leading up to the test.

I took the AUD portion of the CPA Exam last week. So far, sitting for AUD has been my best experience with the CPA Exam. I feel very confident that I passed the exam, but I wont know my scores until September 9th. Luckily, I didn’t schedule the exam too late or else I would have to wait until September 18th to receive my score.

In my opinion, its always a good Idea to schedule your exam at least three to four days before the last testing date, especially if youre going to schedule your exam towards the end of a testing window. Scheduling this way will ensure that you receive your scores a week earlier. If I had waited until August 28th, 29th or 30th I would have run the risk of waiting until September 18th to find out what I scored and that would make studying for the next part of the exam a little more difficult.

Overall, I feel confident that I passed AUD on the first try. I completed all the simulations during the weeks leading up to the exam and I did 100 questions a day for each of the three days prior to the exam. I thought it was important to complete all of the questions the week before the exam in order to identify any of my weak areas. Basically, I would do fifty practice questions and then see which sections were most challenging for me. I would then go back into the review course and do some extra multiple choice questions in the section where I had the most trouble. 

I wasnt very nervous going into the CPA Exam because I felt really prepared. Overall, my attitude remains positive and I look forward to finding out my scores soon.

– Steven P.

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