Week 3: Scheduling the CPA Exam

We’re happy to introduce our new Guest Blogger, Ohio-based CPA hopeful, Joe Ferri! Tune in weekly to follow Joe as he conquers FAR using the Roger CPA Review Online Course, and documents his every trial and tribulation!

This week I’ll be taking an important step in the exam process: Scheduling my exam. For me, scheduling the exam is when I kick my study sessions into an even higher gear. Not saying that you can afford to study at a leisurely pace before you schedule, but there’s something about having that exam date looming that really gets you motivated. I become much less likely to cut my study night an hour short. I make sure every night is spent getting through as many multiple choice questions as possible. Scheduling is when you know you’ll need to block all other activities out of your day-to-day and just concentrate on whats ahead.

Personally, I always like to schedule my exam toward the end of a testing window. I feel like it gives me just the amount of extra time that I may need. It also reduces my wait time to receive my score. When I took my first exam, I had to deal with all of the nerves that go with the unknown and not being sure what to expect when I got to the test center. Now, I know where the test center is and I have a good idea of how long the exam will take me. I feel more prepared for what I’m going to see on the multiple choice questions and the simulations. I’m at a point where I actually look forward to the test date as an opportunity to put one of these sections behind me.

The 2-3 weeks before the test are a great opportunity to get as much cramming in as possible. Now that I’ve decided on the day that Ill take the exam, I can look ahead and circle the test date on my calendar. I can really make a plan for my last few weeks of study time. Lets hope all the preparation pays off. Stay tuned.

When’s your favorite time to schedule your exam?

Happy Studying.


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