Arkansas CPA Requirements
Exam and License Requirements to Become a CPA

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Are you planning to take the CPA Exam in Arkansas? If so, you should familiarize yourself with the requirements for becoming a CPA. Below, you’ll learn the state's CPA Exam requirements, licensing requirements, and application process.

Understanding Arkansas CPA Requirements

Becoming a CPA in Arkansas requires candidates to meet the prerequisites laid out by the Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy. These include educational requirements, passing the CPA Exam, gaining work experience, and more. Below is a list of requirements you need to meet to become a CPA in Arkansas.

Social Security Requirement Yes
Age, Citizenship, and Residency Requirements
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • U.S. citizenship is not required
  • No residency required
Good Moral Character Yes
Education Requirement for Licensure 150 hours (including B.A.)
Pass the Exam Score 75 or higher in each section
Work Experience 1 year of full-time experience
Ethics Exam Requirements No
International CPA Examination Program Participant

Educational Requirements

To sit for the CPA Exam in Arkansas, candidates must complete a bachelor's degree or higher with at least 120 semester hours. It includes

  • 30 hours of upper-level accounting (or 20 hours of graduate-level accounting), covering financial accounting, management accounting, governmental or not-for-profit accounting, federal taxation, auditing & attestation, and accounting information systems.
  • 30 hours of business courses other than accounting (or 20 hours at the graduate level).
  • Courses must be completed with a “C” or better grade.

The accounting or business component may include three semester hours earned from an accounting internship and three from independent study.

To obtain CPA licensure in Arkansas, candidates must complete 150 semester hours. You must meet the education requirement within three years of passing your final CPA Exam section.

Work Experience Requirements

One year of full-time experience is required to get a CPA license in Arkansas. Your experience can include any service or advice in accounting, attest, management advisory, financial advisory, tax, or consulting skills. You can obtain experience through government, academia, industry, or public practice fields.

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Arkansas CPA Exam & Licensing - Cost and Fees

CPA candidates from Arkansas must pay an initial application fee of $50 and examination provider fee. These non-refundable fees are paid to the Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy. The tentative fee for each section is $254.80, as the NASBA has yet to release the official fee update for the 2024 CPA Exam.

Arkansas CPA Exam Fees
Initial Application Fee $50.00
1 Exam Section $75.00
2 Exam Sections $90.00
3 Exam Sections $105.00
4 Exam Sections $120.00
Exam Section Fees $1,019.20

After passing the CPA Exam in Arkansas, you have three years to obtain licensure in the state. To qualify for licensure, you must pass the CPA Exam and complete at least one year of full-time work experience as listed above.

Upon satisfying these requirements, log in to the state board's online license application to submit your application. There is a non-refundable application fee of $50, followed by an ASP & FBI Background Check fee of $35, and $110 for the annual registration of your CPA license. The registration fee is refunded if your application doesn't meet the requirements.

Arkansas CPA Licensing Fees
Application fee (non-refundable) $50.00
Annual registration fee $110.00
ASP & FBI background check (non-refundable) $35.00
Total $195.00

License Renewal Requirements

CPA license holders in Arkansas must renew their licenses annually with a fee of $110. CPA licenses expire on December 31 of each year and may be renewed by licensees in good standing with the board. Your license will be renewed if you meet the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements for the year and submit them with your application. You may need to pay a monthly penalty for the late renewal of your license, as determined by the board.

Continuing Education Requirements

To fulfill Arkansas CPE requirements, candidates must complete 40 hours of continuing education in the 12 months preceding their license expiration date or 120 hours in the 36 months preceding their license expiration date. Initial license holders in their first calendar year of licensure must obtain CPE hours prorated based on their licensing date. Please visit the Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy website for additional requirements.

Arkansas CPA Exam: Exam Dates, Score Release, and Scheduling

Candidates can apply for the Arkansas CPA Exam after fulfilling the state exam requirements. However, you should know a few things before applying, such as the exam, score release date, and application. process. We've provided a simple overview of these details to ease the process.

Exam Dates and Score Release

The AICPA periodically updates the target CPA Exam and score release dates on its website. Candidates must check the same before scheduling the exam based on their preference. However, continuous testing is temporarily halted for the 2024 CPA Exam to account for standard-setting analysis and activities.

Important Update: With the launch of the new CPA Exam in January 2024, some candidates with conditional credit may be impacted by limited opportunities to test and delays in score reporting. Accordingly, any candidate with CPA Exam credit(s) on January 1, 2024, will have such credit(s) extended to June 30, 2025—source: CPA Examination Credit Extension Policy.

Scheduling the CPA Examination

Each state has a slightly different application process. Hence, here's a quick guide to applying for and scheduling the Arkansas CPA Exam.

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