4 Reasons to Take Your CPA Exam Right Now

Recruiters, colleagues and your friends are all telling you the same thingGet your CPA Exam out of the way!  We, at Roger CPA Review, couldnt agree more.  We think that there is no time like the present to challenge yourself and dive head first into the CPA Exam and here are four reasons why you should do it now!

1. There will never be a perfect time.
Whether it is busy season at work, or you need to finish watching all the episodes of Breaking Bad to catch up with the Series Finale this spring, there always seem to be something on your to do list that takes precedence over the exam. Lets face it; you will always be busy at work.  You may not be in the midst of tax season, but you are a dedicated employee and will be dedicating a minimum of 40 hour work week.  And there is a reason Netflix and Hulu are around, they will still be there after your CPA Exam and so will Breaking Bad. 

2. You cant predict the future
You cannot predict what the future holds.  Accountants are ambitious and always opting for the best way to plan the next 18 months period and see whats in store and the optimal time in the future to take the CPA Exam.  So they wait and wait for the perfect 18 months to come by and life continues without the CPA Exam.  As far as I know, CPAs have not yet. So why not face the exam head on and deal with life as it happens. Otherwise, we may be waiting a long time to figure out how to predict our future.

3. One thing always leads to another
As soon as you take the first step, you are guaranteed to take another step.  Lead with one foot and follow with the next. The same goes for the CPA Exam.  Just take one exam at another time at a time and it will lead you to a path to the CPA. We, here at Roger CPA Review, understand that sometimes you need encouragement and clarification on the steps so we are here to help and provide a solution. 

4. You feel better about life, almost immediately
Ask any CPA out there and they will tell you that as soon as you are a finished with your exam, you will feel an immediate pep in your step.  Accomplishing the exam will provide you relief from never having to see the CPA Exam again and clear your schedule for other life challenges you choose to pursue.  If you can pass the CPA Exam, there is nothing else in life you cannot accomplish!  

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