The CPA Exam During Winter Weather

CPA Exam Guest Blogger Angela likes to study when it’s cold outside! She is currently hard at work studying for REG while it snows in Chicago.

I am writing this blog post sitting at my kitchen table looking out to what is the Winter Wonderland of Chicago; we are in the midst of getting a few inches of snow.  In addition to that, its been unseasonably cold the last week with no end in sight.  While everyone is complaining about the weather, I LOVE IT!  Want to know why?  Because its that much easier not to want to leave the house during the winter: Im hibernating with my REG books.  I spent most of July and August studying for BEC.  Talk about torture!  Its so hard to sit inside on a weekend when its beautiful outside.  

I did see late last week that several Prometric sites were closed due to inclement weather.  I cannot imagine what it feels like to spend all of those weeks studying and then have your exam canceled due to the weather.  Keep your chin up, fellow exam takers!

This week I have been reviewing my notes and re-doing Wiley questions like crazy. I have gotten into a bad habit while studying for REG there are so many multiple choice questions that I have put off the simulations.  My plan this week is to go section by section and work the simulations.  I think this will be a good review for all of the material at a consolidated level.  

I am starting to get the jitters about my exam there is so much information; however, Roger has done a great job developing great (and very funny!) great memory mnemonics.   I realize lately that I have been second guessing myself on questions. I have to stop doing this!!! In addition to studying/reviewing for the next several weeks, I also will be working on my confidence.  It is absolutely imperative that you go into the exam knowing you are going to pass.  I have a little ways to go before I feel like that with REG, but I will get there and you will too!

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