CPA Exam Process For New Graduates

Congratulations! You’re just about ready to graduate and start a new chapter of your life. What are your summer plans? We hope you said “studying for the CPA Exam,” because there is truly no better time to hit the books. Though the CPA exam may seem ominous and daunting, we’d like to remind you that because you’ll be fresh out of school this summer, you actually have a leg up from everyone else! We tell new graduates that they have “the student mindset,” which means they have been in school for the past 4 or so years, and have been studying, reading, and taking exams. Therefore, their brain is acclimated to studying for hours and applying learned knowledge to solve problems. So, we’re asking that right after you finish celebrating your graduation, you hold on to that mindset for just a bit longer. It will be worth it- we promise!

If we’ve managed to convince you, here’s what you need to do in order to dive into your CPA Exam studies soon after graduation:

1. Check your state’s education and application requirements. All states vary slightly so be sure to know exactly what your state requires before you apply for the exam.

2. Enroll in a CPA Review course that not only comes with customizable study planners, but one that fits your learning style. Not all courses are created equal so be sure to do your research. For those wondering whether a CPA Review is needed or not, remember the AICPA says that on average, the successful CPA Exam candidate studies for a total of 300-400 hours! With that said, we think you’d be wise to sign up for a course that will help you pull through all those hours of studying.

3. Apply to sit for the CPA Exam. Visit NASBA’s website here. You will also be required to send in your transcripts and pay the application fees at this point.

4. After you receive your Authorization to Test, or ATT, you can choose which exams you want to take and pay the fees.

5. While you wait for your Notice to Schedule, or NTS, start studying! You now know which exams you want to take- all that’s left is to schedule the dates.

6. When you receive your NTS, go ahead and schedule your dates via the Prometric website. Mark these dates in your personal calendar and start counting down to the big day!

For a more comprehensive checklist, check out our CPA Exam Application Checklist! You can easily mark off where you are in the process and stay organized.

Once again, congrats on your graduation! We hope you will approach your CPA Exam studies with diligence and a positive mindset!

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