CPA Exam Review In The Classroom


Many of our students ask, Why do I need a review course to take the CPA Exam, isn’t that why I got an education? While that is a valid question indeed, the answer is clear: most undergraduate curriculum is not designed to help you pass the CPA Exam.
Undergraduate curriculum – and most Masters curriculum – is designed to meet certain expectations in the educational realm while providing a sample of the different types of accounting. Additionally, college textbooks go into great detail on principles you may never use in your profession.
The CPA Exam is not like a college education. Its like a lake. A lake that is a mile wide and an inch deep, or in other words, there is a LITTLE bit about a LOT of information. Candidates may also see concepts their program doesn’t offer, or offers as an elective like Government or Non-profit accounting.
Recently, an article was posted on CPA Practice Advisor entitled, 4 Reasons Undergraduate Accounting Programs Should Add CPA Exam Review.These reasons include:

Academic Mindset ready for Success Students who study for the exam while they are still in school are in the mindset of studying and are more apt to understand the principles on the CPA Exam. Additionally, the longer a candidate waits to take the CPA Exam after graduation, the more likely their scores will decrease had they taken it sooner.

Clout and Know-How Its no secret that passing the CPA Exam brings confidence and the likelihood of job offers.  Job placement should be a top priority for universities and therefore why structuring curriculum around the CPA Exam would be beneficial.

Market Value As the article points out, CPAs are more valuable to their employers for a variety of reasons. CPAs are primed and ready to take on more responsibility the moment they step through the door on their first day.

Good Business Sense Students want the best bang for their buck. While already paying thousands for an education, students would be more attracted to a program that offers CPA Exam prep as well.
While the benefits of incorporating CPA Review into the classroom are clear, most universities are not at that point. However, as more and more universities look to their NASBA pass rates as a bench mark for success, more and more will shift to that model.
Roger CPA Review offers customized materials for educators to use in their classroom. From supplemental lectures and test questions, to complete curriculum for university credit, its our goal to remain a resource for both student and teacher. 
We want to hear from you: How do you wish you were more prepared for the CPA Exam?

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