CPA Exam Video Tip: Cram For The CPA Exam

Welcome back to our new CPA Exam Tip YouTube series, brought to you by Roger Philipp, CPA! As accounting professionals attempting to balance life, work and the CPA Exam, we know that youre about as busy as it gets. Therefore, we hope you enjoy the following bite-sized clip for easy, on-the-go viewing!
It’s finally here– the test that you’ve devoted every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment to for the past few months is only 12 hours away. There’s not much left that you can do to prepare. Or is there? Let Roger CPA Review help!
Check out Roger’s latest study tip on the best ways to cram for the CPA Exam!

Do you have any cram tips you’d like to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments section!

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