Dealing With The Difficulties Of Ordinary Life


The past few weeks have been quite the struggle for me personally.  I’ve received bad news in regards to family member’s health and my own personal injuries.  Top those two off with having to complete the first Accelerated Period Close at work, and it has led to a drastic decrease in study hours.

No one wants to receive bad news regarding the health of those we care for but the reality is that it happens.  Growing up, I watched my mother successfully battle cancer and the main reason I was able to get through it was due to seeing how strong my mother was and through the help of family and friends.  Seeing my significant other break down emotionally after receiving news that someone in her family has cancer is heartbreaking.  Seeing her pain can cause one to drop anything of significance to care for that individual.  There is nothing we can do but simply be there for those we love and help them get through the tough time that is in front of them.  You’ll find that studying for the CPA exam will no longer be priority number one since all you want to do is be there and comfort him or her.

In addition, I injured myself, preventing me from competing in the Spartan Beast, which took place in NJ.  Two weeks prior to the race, I received information saying that I have bursitis of the heel and have a chipped bone in my right ankle.  This news caused me to withdraw from the race as my ankle would not be able to handle the pressure of a 13 mile obstacle course.  After training for 5 months for the race and then withdrawing just 1 week prior is a real killer.  Thinking of all the free time I gave away to train instead of going out, in the midst of studying for the CPA exam, can really drain one’s motivation.

My FAR exam is in just 17 days and I still have to go through 2 more sections and begin my review.  But putting things into perspective and seeing how life can change in a matter of days, or even hours, has really given me that additional push to study hard in the remaining few weeks I have before my exam.  Each and every one us will go through some form of hardship during our CPA Journey; it is what we take from these hardships that will help us grow and allow us to see things in a different perspective.  Here’s to pushing through the final two and half weeks of studying!


Christopher Boate – guest blogger for Roger CPA Review

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