Dealing With Loss Of Focus

There is nothing more difficult for me than juggling the studies with family time during busy season.  April 15th is history for 2014, but with one more exam to go before my May 31 exam deadline, I need to patiently hold my celebration until then.  I’m currently sitting at my desk at work while the majority of my co-workers are enjoying the end of busy season.  Well, mine is still going, but Im using their well deserved celebrations as my energy to keep going.  Next year Ill be leaving early with them!

The past few weeks have been less productive from the studying side than I would like to admit.  I even found myself skipping over the end of chapter questions just to keep moving forward.  (Self slap on the wrist!)  I even blogged about how important it is to do the end of the chapter questions and I still didn’t follow it.  The result now, tonight, is that I don’t have a firm grasp of Inventory or PP&E because I slacked.  The retention just isn’t there when you don’t do it in its entirety.  You have to do the questions each time you get to the end of a chapter. 

I’m recalling a great quote from a movie from the 80s, Over the Top, starring Sylvester Stallone.  He tells his son, The world meets nobody halfway.  When you want something, you gotta take it.  That might sound cheesy or may not work for you, but finding something simple like a quote, small reward, etc. to keep yourself going is necessary.  I don’t think there is a better quote for describing what it takes to get these exams done.  You have to get after it and keep after it because the exam will not do you any favors if you aren’t prepared. 

I failed at going after it these past two weeks.  Im writing this because the next time I blog I dont want to hang my head in shame and provide a repeat story.  In fact, Im going back to Inventory and PP&E tonight and doing it right.  Ive got 6 weeks to go before the next exam, so Ill tell you next week how I left it all on the field with no excuses.

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