DIY Projects: CPA Exam Style

Flash Cards:
What you’ll need:

Tips and Pointers: Jot down mnemonics and concepts that you’re struggling with. Maybe throw in an easy one or two to boost your confidence!

Study Nook
What youll need:

  • Pillows, blankets, Zen music & general coziness
  • All of your Roger CPA Review Course materials
  • Brain food: Almonds, string cheese, etc.

Tips and Pointers: Be strategic Choose a quiet space away from the kids, television, phone and any distraction.

CPA Motivation Board
What you’ll need:

  • Cork Board and thumb tacks
  • Inspirational quotes and images signifying the reasoning behind your decision to become a CPA (ya know success ladders, dolla dolla bills, the works!)
  • Your Roger CPA Review Study Planner to ensure you stay on track to your goal!

Tips and Pointers: Center your Study Planner within the board and surround it with the motivational images its helpful to envision exactly what it will take to reach your goal.

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