Get back on that CPA Exam track!

We all know that after a long, fun-filled weekend, fighting your way back into study mode can be an uphill battle.

We know it’s tough to get back into that CPA exam studying groove, so we’re giving you some tips to help you climb back on track!

Ready, Set, Rest: Setting mini study goals and periodically taking breaks once those goals have been accomplished will keep you from burning out. Start with a smaller goal: I’m going to study Marketable Securities for an hour and then take a ten minute break to read my favorite CPA Exam blog, and then I’ll start studying Financial Instruments and Derivatives.

Connect, Communicate & Commiserate: There are many different platforms that will help you to connect with other CPA hopefuls and serve as a support group throughout the study process. Take advantage of FacebookTwitterblogs, etc. as you prepare for the CPA Exam. Share your personal study tips and learn from others, communicate the latest CPA Exam news and commiserate over late nights spent studying.

Find your motivation: There is light at the end of the CPA Exam tunnel — Look toward that light. Why did you decide to become a CPA? Is it because of the higher salary, career security or just personal growth? Regardless, remember WHY you want to become a CPA.


Just do it: You chose this career pathso get serious! Take your CPA review study materials, travel to the nearest library and just get cracking. Once you start, we guarantee youll get back into the swing of things. Remember, the sooner you get back into the daily grind of studying, the closer you are to your long-awaited goal.

Happy Studying!

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