Learning by Teaching for the CPA Exam

CPA Exam Blogger Angela is back this week with an excellent tip to help you study! She is currently studying hard for the REG exam. Read on to see how her studying is going and what’s motivating her to study.

Hi everyone how is your studying?  I had a busy weekend of studying and also attending a friends out-of-town wedding.  My boyfriend and I (and of course my CPA books), spent a lot of time in the car together. My boyfriend asked what topic I was studying right now its business structure and regulation of business employment etc. As I responded, I started spouting off my study notes and defining key terms for him.  I realized as I was doing this that I knew more than I thought I did and it felt great! 

I’ve been very cognizant lately while reviewing questions that I understand why I am either getting the question wrong or am confused. Instead of just reading through the explanation, I try to re-do the question, explaining things to myself as I go through the problem almost like I am teaching someone else how to do the question.  I find myself really understanding the concept this way.  Try this out and see if it helps you!

As I was packing for our weekend trip, I imagined the day when I wouldn’t have to cart my CPA books around with me. I cannot wait for that day! Honestly, I cant imagine what it is going to feel like to not have to study anymore. Talk about motivation to get this exam over with!
I hope your studying is going well! 

Take care,


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