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The Reason I Passed BEC


Finally!  December 9th. The day when CPA Exam scores were released.  That day couldn’t have come any sooner for me.  On that day, I found out whether or not all of my hard work and studying for the CPA Exam had been worth it.

As soon as I hit “refresh” on my browser, I saw that I had passed the final part of my CPA exam.

I must admit that after I saw my passing score, I had a few tears in my eyes.  All the hours of studying and sacrifice, as well as my family’s sacrifice, had finally paid off.  I was done!  I still have to take an ethics exam along with having my employer document my work experience before I can get licensed as an official CPA, but now I feel like the weight of the world is off of my shoulders.

Originally, I had been concerned about passing the final part of the CPA Exam because I was unable to complete all of my review materials. However, instead of focusing on what I didn’t get to review, I decided to do an overview study of all of the review material and focus on what I did know.

Another major reason I know that I passed the final two parts of the CPA Exam is because I switched CPA Exam review courses in the middle of my studies.  Switching was crucial for me being able to pass both AUD and BEC.  My advice to you is if your review course is not helping you pass the CPA Exam on the first or second attempt, try another one.   Roger CPA Exam proved invaluable to me.

– Steven, guest blogger for Roger CPA Review

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