Taking the CPA Exam? Hug Your Friends and Family!

Many people are sitting for the CPA Exam this month. As you prepare for the CPA Exam, Crystal, our international guest blogger, asks you to remember those who are supporting you and cheering you on during the process.

I am only ten days away from taking the FAR portion of the CPA Exam. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and I know that my husband has been feeling my anxiety levels! When I am stressed out from my studies or work, I am become very anxious, easily agitated and lose a lot of sleep. Im not able to do laundry, clean my house or go grocery shopping. I just stop caring about others because I become overwhelmed with life so I’m only able to focus on my own tasks at hand studying for the CPA Exam and going to work.

Luckily for me, my husband is an amazing person who understands my anxiety and still continues to support me during this time without ever complaining.

I remember back when I was preparing for my high school entrance exams. My mom and dad stopped watching television for four months because they didn’t want to distract my attention from my studies. Every morning around 5 am my mom would get up to cook a great breakfast for me because I was very picky about food at that time. She also tried to be very quiet when I was sleeping so that I could have those extra hours needed to rest. I look back and feel like I took them for granted. I didn’t realize how much they were sacrificing for me to do well on my tests. I sometimes think that I was a bad daughter for putting them through such stress and I also feel like a bad wife for putting my husband through it now. Then I think that I’m sure many people who are taking the CPA Exam and have families must go through the same guilt.

Think about all of the people who support our CPA Exam journeys and the huge sacrifices, both financially and emotionally, they make for us to succeed on the exam so we can follow our dreams. Yes, we are taking the CPA Exam for our own reasons, but I think part of us wants those closest to us to be proud.

So, let’s not forget about our biggest supporters, those who are there when we are most stressed out, and recognize them for all that they do for us during this time. I have decided to be more grateful and thankful to my family for their support and treat them nicer especially when I feel overwhelmed with it all!

– Crystal

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