Top 3 Tips to CPA Exam-ify Your Easter

Easter is almost here! What do you have planned? An Easter Egg hunt with your family and friends? A brunch spread that could feed an entire football team? A chocolate bunny-induced food coma and a stomach ache? However you plan on celebrating Easter in 2013, be sure to include your main squeeze — the CPA Exam. Without further ado, here are the Top 3 Tips to CPA Exam-ify your Easter Weekend!

1.Mnemonic Egg Hunt.
Have your children, friends, or roommates write mnemonics on little scraps of paper, put them in plastic eggs, and hide them all over your house. When you find one, recite what that mnemonic stands for, in front of all your friends & family! This is a great way for you to have some Easter themed fun while studying, involve your loved ones in the process, and get a little activity in too!

2. Eat Up! On Easter Sunday, it’s common to share a dish of lamb, and other celebratory foods. For one day, ditch the diet and put your CPA goals first! Studies show that consuming protein helps prevent fatigue by producing stamina and energy. Load up on protein on Easter weekend to keep the good times rolling, and to get some good study hours in. To keep with the theme, eggs are actually an excellent source of protein!

3. Find a furry friend
What’s Easter without adorable bunnies & other furry friends? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your CPA Exam studies, research has shown that petting and spending time with cute animals significantly helps reduce stress. Take a few hours and visit your local petting zoo with some friends, and return to your textbooks and lecture videos even more relaxed & confident in those famous words, “If you study, you will pass.”

Happy Easter Everyone!

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