Top 5 Features of This Way to CPA

We realize how many resources there are on the web when youre looking for advice and motivation amidst your intense CPA exam studies. And we could write you a list of all the great blogs and websites out there! But that would be a very long list, so weve highlighted five features of one of our favorite CPA Exam preparation websites: This Way to CPA. More likely than not, you’ve heard of the website; This Way to CPA is written and maintained by the AICPA, the organization which writes and grades the CPA Exam. We love this website because its not boring (doesn’t the whole world think accounting=boring?), theres solid advice coming from the makers of the exam, so you know its reliable, and its very comprehensive. Here are our top five favorite features of the website: 

  1. Exam Prep Course Reviews:  Chances are that you’re using a CPA Exam Review course, or even shopping around for one. There are many options, and This Way to CPA has built in a little shopping guide for you. You can easily compare all the reviews courses across the board and read reviews written by students who have used that course. While you’re there, go ahead and leave us a sweet little note if you’ve used our course!
  2. Find your Fit: We all want to fit in, especially in our workplaces! This Way to CPA understands that, which is why their Find your Fit report generator is awesome. This is great for those of you nearing the end and are looking for new opportunities.
  3. Community: There are thousands of students just like you who are preparing for this exam. Its a good idea to join some of these communities to see the kinds of experiences your peers are having pre, during, and post CPA Exam. You might even end up making some friends! If you haven’t already, join the Roger CPA Review communities on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn!
  4. CPA Exam Diaries: These diaries are in-depth stories of professionals who have taken the CPA Exam, and passed. They resemble our Guest Bloggers (who you guys love!) in that each story is very different and offers insight into how you too can make it through the process. The diaries talk about everything from deciding to be a CPA to getting the license and job! Its quite exciting to read some of these stories. 
  5. Blogs and Articles: Similar to the blogs/articles you find here, the blogs and articles aren’t your normal pieces on dry topics. The content is written by experts in the industry who are engaging and want to really show you what you can make of your CPA. This is not only extremely motivating, but a good way to take a 5 minute break. How can you resist titles such as I (dont) see dead people or Cha-ching cha-ching? 
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