Week 6: Avoiding CPA Exam Panic

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“A case of the yips…”

You see it a lot in golf. A good player for whatever reason, has a few bad shots and then he starts over thinking every minute detail of his swing. This can last for a few holes, or even more, and can ruin your entire round. I think the same thing can happen during the CPA Exam. If I get two or three questions in a row that I’m not confident with the answer, panic sets in. I haven’t even read the remaining questions but I’ve already decided that I wont know the answer.

I’ve learned that this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the “flag” tool. Flag a question or two and come back to it later for review. Moving on you’ll see some topics you’re more comfortable with and then you can come back to the more complex question without the pressure of what lies ahead. Fortunately, these situations are best prevented by knowing the material. You have a chance now to prepare yourself so well that you can plow right through the majority of these questions without a moment’s hesitation. Just knowing that you’ve put in the time studying and preparing will help you to remain calm and collected.

Take a deep breath, re-align your stance, and sink that putt.

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Happy Studying!


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