What Do You Look Forward to After the CPA Exam?

After months of relentless studying, sleepless nights, and turned down plans, its easy to lose sight of what lies beyond the CPA Exam. We asked our students on Facebook and Twitter to fill in the blank, and let us know what they’re looking forward to most once they’ve earned those three sweet letters. Here are some of our favorite replies. Enjoy!

Fill in the blank: I’m looking forward to __________ once I pass the CPA Exam!

Melissa A. – Having my baby boy, 4 weeks later! Test date July 3rd, due date July 30th.

Sarah W. – Spending time with my husband and kiddos! They hardly know who I am anymore! 🙂

Lin S. – Gaming! Lots of video games were out recently that I’ve had to say no to. So that, and sleeping.

Anjelica G. – Having my weekends back & going on a cruise.

Ahmed S. – Having a Big 4 job

Tiffany A.H. – Just doing NOTHING when I get home from work and enjoying my weekends again!!

Michelle P.R. – Taking a huge deep breath and then I am scheduling my first skydive! If I can do this, I can do that!

Paul E. – 18 holes every now and then.

Israel P. – Having a normal regular weekend spending time with my little one and my wife. Thanks Roger for keeping us motivated to continue studying for the exams!

@TheTiredPup – @RogerCPAReview I am looking forward to LESS ANXIETY, and more time with family, friends, & my fur-babies, when I pass the #CPAexam!

Aundreia M. – @RogerCPAReview reading for pleasure (and not feeling guilty about it)

Can you relate? Feel free to leave your own post-exam goals and dreams in the comments below!

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