This is Why You Shouldn’t be Intimidated by the 2017 CPA Exam

Hello. My name is Jen Goldfarb and I have a boyfriend of 8 years+. He is beginning his second year of his family medicine residency. This works well for us as we’re both kept incredibly busy by our career pursuits as I am studying for the CPA Exam. I am from West Palm Beach but reside in St. Petersburg, FL. 

What made you want to become a CPA? 

It was something I had committed myself to while in undergrad. Regardless of my professional pursuits, it was important for me to obtain because of the time I had already invested. 

Tell us about your CPA Exam journey

I began studying for the CPA Exam roughly two years after graduating from college. I certainly recommend starting the CPA Exam as early as you can as it is incredibly challenging while working full time. I have utilized Roger CPA Review throughout and it has proved to be the best resource as it is engaging even after a long day at work. 

Tell us about your professional background

I am an Internal Auditor at Raymond James, a financial services firm headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. I have no definitive professional plans currently once I obtain my CPA. I see the CPA as another way to convey to my colleagues and leadership that I am capable of more challenging work and that I can contribute to solving difficult problems. 

What were the biggest differences between the old and new CPA Exam?

When I sat for Audit, it was the first time that I had sat for it, and it was under the new exam format. I truly found no significant differences. The questions weren’t any trickier or unfair. It was the CPA Exam: hard and energy zapping. 

Did you feel like the new exam asked you questions to prepare you for real life scenarios more than the old exam did?

I felt like the questions allowed me to think about my current experiences and apply those, along with what I learned during studying, to answer them.

Why did you choose to study with Roger CPA Review?

Roger is engaging, funny, and has a unique way of teaching the material. I needed a study package with an instructor that could make already mundane material interesting and clear. 

Which tools or resources were the most helpful for preparing you for the new CPA Exam?

The lectures and practice questions were the most helpful. 

What is your best piece of advice for students to prepare for the new CPA Exam?  

Use Roger CPA Review. Commit to the date you registered to sit. Stay dedicated and keep it moving. Don’t drag your feet in getting it done. 

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