CPA Exam Changes

Your Questions About the 2011 Exam!

With the roll in of new CPA Exam comes plenty of questions–here are some of your top Q’s answered:

Can I still use my 2010 (or older) materials to study for the 2011 exam? We suggest not to, as the information is outdated. With the time and effort needed to study, having the most up to date material is highly advised.
What happens if I passed a section in 2010 with the 2011 changes? The same 18-month window still applies from when you took the exam, so you have that time period to take the remaining sections.
Is the passing score going to change? As of now, ’75’ and above is considered passing–there are no plans to change it (yet!)
What about IFRS? How much do I need to know? In terms of IFRS, exam takers primarily need to be educated on the differences between U.S. GAAP and IFRS, however other areas have been altered as well. Your 2011 Review Course will lay out anything you need to know.
What are the biggest changes in Regulation (REG)? As for Content, Business Structure has been moved from BEC to REG. As for Format, this section no longer includes Written Communication and the two longer Simulations have been replaced with six shorter Task-Based Simulations (TBS). For more detail please refer to this handy breakdown.

If I score a 74 should I appeal?  We haven’t heard of anyone having luck with this–instead keep your head up and use a refresher to study and PASS for the next time!
How has the scoring release schedule changed? Indeed, it has! Please see our previous post for all the info.

Keep the questions coming guys! As a reminder, we have our live chat with Roger Philipp coming up Tuesday Jan. 25 to answer even MORE of your questions–RSVP here! Good luck to everyone taking the exam this month 🙂