Roger CPA Review Launches Digital CPA Exam Flashcards

With the popularity of CPA Exam Flashcards and the rise of mobile study options, we have decided to combine the two into one and create the ultimate study tool! We are pleased to introduce our new CPA Exam Digital Flashcards, now available in the iTunes App Store. The idea behind creating the digital flashcards was to help reinforce foundational CPA Exam concepts in a portable, mobile-friendly format, allowing for fun and simplified studying. No more excuses of always being on-the-go and having no time to study because now you can take your studies with you! The digital flashcards are available for each section of the CPA Exam and includes an assortment of terms, mnemonics and summaries of highly tested exam topics. Imagine the increase in your study productivity with the ease of access to hundreds of flashcards on one device!Repetition is key to learning important concepts, so you can customize your CPA Exam Digital Flashcards by sorting by topic or shuffling cards for randomization. You can also keep track of your strengths and weaknesses by flagging as mastered or bookmarking for later review.

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