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Top 7 Not-So-Obvious CPA Exam Tips


You hear a lot of information being given out about the CPA Exam – mostly the basic facts, such as scoring and format. But what aren’t they telling you? Watch this 15-minute video, presented by Senior Business Alliance Manager, Mitra Wilson, to learn some less commonly addressed CPA Exam tips to make sure you are well informed before Exam Day!

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Using AICPA Sample Tests


Learn how to best utilize the AICPA’s Sample Tests before sitting for the CPA Exam to test your readiness and provide a preview of the exam format and rules. This quick run-through of the AICPA’s practice tests will help guide you in using this important study resource.

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Research Task Format


Did you know that research is tested in its own independent task-based simulation problem on the FAR, AUD and REG Exams? Learn what to expect regarding the format and get tips for effectively answering the problem.

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How to conquer Written Communication


Do not fear the Written Communication portion of the BEC exam, we’re here to help! While you are not expected to be a literary genius or Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, there are a few tips that can help you through this portion of the CPA Exam. Learn the tricks to drafting a simple mock response to a client using proper grammar and punctuation.

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How to Attack the CPA Exam


Prepare your plan of attack for the most important exam of your life! The key to passing the CPA Exam is having a solid plan and sticking to it. Tune in and listen as Roger Philipp, CPA teaches you how to develop your own study plan and have a successful CPA Exam experience.

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2017 CPA Exam Game Plan


Before you dive into your CPA Exam studies, you need to strategize your plan to pass! Gear up for the new, more challenging CPA Exam with this 24-minute video in which Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, helps you create your CPA Exam Game Plan.

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