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Instructors You Can Trust

UWorld’s CMA instructors, thought leaders, authors, and subject matter experts share an extensive background in accounting, decades of experience teaching accredited university classes, and a passion for helping to advance the profession. 

Professors like Monte Swain (Ph.D.,CPA, CMA, CGMA), Kip Holderness (Ph.D., CPA, CMA, CFE), Kari Olsen (Ph.D., CPA, CMA), Cassy Budd (MAcc, B.S.) and the rest of the UWorld Accounting team are dedicated to guiding candidates like you to success on the demanding CMA exam. 

They have already supported thousands of candidates around the world on their journeys to CMA certification. What are you waiting for?

Live Virtual Classes

Connect with fellow candidates, hear exclusive tips from our dynamic team of CMA instructors, work through challenging problems, and supplement your review course with our Live Virtual Classes. 

The live classes are your opportunity to hear your peers’ common struggles, discover more effective ways to tackle problems, get moral support from your instructors and boost your understanding of complicated topics in an online classroom environment. 

Can’t attend a scheduled live session? You’ll still get to experience the class! Simply watch the recording on-demand within your UWorld account and let the learning begin.

11th Hour Final Review Course

As you approach your final two weeks of preparation for the CMA exam, you need a resource that distills everything you’ve learned into an approachable, refresher-style cram course. 

The 11th Hour Final Review Course delivers bonus practice questions, exclusive video lectures that cover only the most important topics you will encounter on exam day, and a Learning Objective Statement overview summarizing all the core information you must master to earn a passing score. 

Dr. Steve Smith, CMA is an accounting professor for undergraduate and graduate courses at BYU. He will lead you through the entire review program and get you exam day-ready.

Comprehensive QBank

UWorld CMA Review’s QBank questions are proven to help you understand essential exam concepts with the philosophy of active learning. With us, you’ll have over 6,000 (multiple-choice and essay) exam-level questions at your fingertips.

All CMA QBank questions are developed and updated by our in-house team of CMAs who make sure you study exactly what you need to know to perform your best. 

Answer explanations help you see the why behind each question so you focus on applying what you learn rather than simply memorizing it.

Thorough Video Lectures

Approachable Lectures That Make a Difference

Get the motivation you need to pass with engaging and effective CMA lectures, available online and for offline download directly within your course.

Our team of CMA instructors delivers short, informative lessons designed to break down difficult concepts, promote active learning, and get you thinking like a certified CMA. 

Most lectures incorporate sample scenarios or anecdotes so that you apply the concepts you learn and arrive on exam day with confidence.

Intuitive Study Guides

Choose Your Format: Digital, Print, or Both

Our CMA Review courses all include our eTextbooks, while the Elite-Unlimited course also includes physical, printed study guides. eTextbooks are delivered side-by-side with video lectures and provide helpful features such as easy search, highlighting, and note-taking. Printed textbooks offer the same streamlined content as the eTextbooks, and are perfect for kinesthetic learners who prefer the feel of a physical book.

Both formats are updated frequently to ensure you’re studying with the most current and accurate material. We offer one volume per CMA exam part.

Full-Length Mock Exams

UWorld CMA Review courses include full-length mock exams that replicate the timing, structure, question count, and difficulty level of the real Part 1 and Part 2 CMA exam. 

Our mock exam interface also simulates the real Prometric online testing system, so you’ll get comfortable with how to effectively and efficiently answer questions as you would on exam day. 

These resources are designed to help you build your skills, boost your time management, and refine your test-taking strategy. 

Digital Flashcards

Create Your Own or Review Premade Cards

While studying, easily transfer content from your course interface—keywords, diagrams, or important passages—onto a new or existing flashcard in seconds. If you’re a student of our Elite-Unlimited course, you will also have access to our Expert ReadyDecks, which include hundreds of pre-curated terms and summaries.

In “Study” mode, drill through your flashcards using spaced-repetition technology. This evidence-based approach allows your brain to create long-term retention to boost your performance on exam day.

My Notebook

Your CMA Exam Prep Notes In Your Pocket

Need a place to jot down thoughts, concepts, or questions during a study session? My Notebook, a fully-configurable digital notebook, is designed to help you engage directly with your CMA prep content and seamlessly capture lessons learned while accessing your course.

Simply highlight the content you want to save in your notebook, select the “Notebook” popup, and insert your selection wherever you’d like. You can then organize and alter it in a way that’s most useful for you. And with full mobile accessibility, you’ll be able to study from anywhere.

The Active Learning Approach

Our accounting certification exam candidates succeed because they learn by doing. Whether you are creating digital flashcards while reviewing a lecture, building custom practice tests within your QBank, or checking out diagrams and charts from your study guide, your materials help you build essential connections in your brain bridging the theoretical and the practical

In other words, you are using a variety of tools and techniques to remember core concepts, connect them to real-world needs or scenarios, and apply them with challenging, exam-level practice. 

An important part of active learning is simplified learning. We make it a priority to develop CMA study materials that are comprehensive yet concise, visual, and that focus only on what you need to know to do your best on exam day.

Customizable Study Planner

Fitting CMA exam prep into your already-busy schedule doesn’t have to feel complicated. Upon logging into your course for the first time, enter your proposed start date, target exam date, and available study hours per day of the week into our learning platform. We’ll generate an optimized study plan complete with lesson deadlines aligned to the course syllabus in seconds. 

If your exam date has changed or your weekly availability shifts while studying, simply edit your Study Planner requirements anytime. Access your custom schedule at home or on the go with the UWorld Accounting mobile app. No matter where life takes you, your schedule will be accessible to keep you on track.

Innovative Mobile App

Sync Your Studies Across Devices

Our mobile app is your all-access pass to our signature technology, downloadable offline lectures, multiple-choice questions, and more. The app seamlessly syncs with the desktop version of your course, allowing you to easily continue your studies from one device to the next.

Pass faster and maximize your study time with convenient, on-the-go access to your entire CMA review course in the palm of your hand—connect your phone or tablet to the internet, open up the app, and get to work!

Download the UWorld Accounting mobile app to start now.

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The Power of Spaced Repetition

Research-Supported Study Method

Solidify difficult accounting topics with spaced-repetition technology, an evidence-based learning technique to help students study smarter and retain more information. 

Put another way, spaced repetition shows you difficult information more often until you master it, then decreases the frequency so your brain is challenged to build long-term retention.

Integrated within the digital flashcards study tool, our spaced-repetition technology presents cards you’ve marked as difficult more frequently, and cards you’ve marked as easy less frequently—integrating a proven approach with your unique, personalized learning needs. 

Tracking Your Performance

Completing hundreds of practice questions without evaluating your strengths and weaknesses will do little to maximize your performance on exam day. Upon finishing a QBank question set or a full-length mock exam, you need the tools and data to identify your level of preparedness on each topic and subtopic to structure meaningful, effective study sessions. 

Access personalized performance data within your course, including scored vs. maximum points, correctly vs. incorrectly answered questions, QBank usage, and more. Gain a clear understanding of your knowledge gaps so you can focus on improving the areas where you need additional support.

Real People. Real Support.

We believe in the power of a team. Whenever you need help, guidance, or support, we are just a click or phone call away. A friendly team of Customer Support Staff is available around-the-clock to answer any questions you have—from technical support to CMA exam guidance. Give us a ring. We’re in this together!

Flexible Start Dates & Extendable Access

Start When You Want, Extend as You Need

We provide the flexibility you need to fit your lifestyle. Course packages include a base duration time that will not begin until you are ready to activate. Need more time? Extend your course for as low as $39 a month from within your Student Dashboard. For ultimate flexibility, the Elite-Unlimited Course Package provides free continuing access until you pass the CPA Exam.

quotesThrough the flexibility of the online course and Roger's teaching method, I was able to pass all 4 exams within 1 test window on the first try."
  — Andy Y.

Dynamic Study Planners

Effortlessly plan your study schedule by inputting your start date, end date, and available study hours into our learning platform. Our algorithm will generate an optimized study plan tailored to your needs.

Stay organized and make the most of every study session with our Time Management feature. Progress checkpoints and a smart scheduling tool help you stay on track and maximize the effectiveness of your study time.

Access your study plan anytime, anywhere – whether you're at home, in a coffee shop, or on your daily commute. Your dynamic Study Planner is always at your fingertips, allowing you to generate the most helpful study schedule for you.

Superior Customer Support

Real People Who Can Help

We believe in the power of a team. Whenever you need help, guidance, or support, we are just a click or phone call away. A friendly team of Customer Support Staff is available around-the-clock to answer any questions you have -- from technical support to CPA Exam guidance. Give us a ring. We’re in this together!

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