NASBA Offers Concessions to Japanese Candidates Affected by Recent Tragedies

Due to the devastating tragedies in Japan, we have been very concerned for our Japanese students, and all of the CPA Exam candidates in Japan that have been affected by the recent disaster. In many cases, their companies and employers are not in the position for them to take planned vacation days to fly to the US in order to take the US CPA Exam. Furthermore, the idea of sitting for the CPA Exam is the last thing on their minds in this time for family and healing.

We are aware of many difficult situations regarding the CPA Exam in Japan, for example:

  • Some candidates have to pay additional fees to reschedule their exam dates because their originally scheduled dates are within 30 days
  • Their NTS could be expired by the end of May, which would still be too soon for them to take the exams
  • Some credited subjects could expire if they do not pass the last course during this 2nd window

But, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for these candidates. NASBA is making concessions whenever possible for Japanese candidates that have been affected by the earthquake and related disasters. Impacted candidates should contact NASBA’s Candidate Care via email at They will work directly with impacted candidates and Prometric to cancel/reschedule examinations. If necessary, they will also work with State Boards on extending Notices to Schedule (NTS) or conditional credit.

NASBA along with Roger CPA Review sends their heartfelt thoughts and prayers to those affected by these terrible tragedies.

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