Updates to the International CPA Exam

Attention readers! Amid so much chatter about the Uniform CPA Exam going international, at Roger CPA Review, were here to streamline the heaps of information and keep you tuned in to the latest industry changes and updates!

So, without further ado,

International applications are now being accepted by participating state boards!

The CPA Exam application process remains relatively identical for U.S. and international candidates. In order to qualify to take the CPA Exam outside the U.S., candidates need to establish their eligibility through a State Board participating in the International CPA Examination Administration program. Click the following link for the NASBAs list of participating State Boards.

Once you select the U.S. Jurisdiction to which you will apply, you must contact the Board of Accountancy in that area to receive application materials. Upon completion, submit those apps and fees. Once they deem you qualified and send you the Notice to Schedule, you are then eligible to register through NASBAs website to take the exam in an international location!

***Before you decide upon a jurisdiction to apply through and then apply to sit internationally, NASBA recommends that you read over the following information:

Candidate Bulletin

International Examination Informed Consent.

Jurisdiction Map for information about eligibility requirements and the application process for your preferred jurisdiction

In addition to paying any domestic testing fees, you must pay additional fees for each examination section you plan to take internationally. These additional fees are listed below:

AUD: $292.85
BEC: $314.90
FAR: $292.85
REG: $314.90

Still a bit confused despite my efforts? NASBA wants you to call them!

Call 1-800-CPA-EXAM. Days and hours of operation: Monday Thursday, 8 a.m. to 2 a.m., Eastern Time, and Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Eastern Time (UTC -5).
Call 1-855-CPA-GUAM or 671-300-7441 (international candidates). Days and hours of operation: Monday Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Japan Standard Time (UTC + 9).

This brings me to my next point.

This past Friday, NASBA celebrated the grand opening of its International Call Center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony! Complete with speakers, including Governor Edward J.B. Calvo, and a hearty reception at the Hilton Guam Resort and Spa, NASBA went all out to celebrate Guam’s new Call Center.

NASBA expanded in Guam to answer the demand and need for more call service coverage to CPA candidates, CEO Ken Bishop said.

In addition to providing limitless convenience to CPA Exam candidates, the Guam Call Center is expected to provide an economic impact of $6 million due to tourism, taxes and salaries.

Say it with me now: Hoo-ray for the CPA!

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