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What should I expect during the interviewing process?

Interviewing for a public CPA firm is a multi-step process. Most interviews are conducted in the following way:

  1. Phone/Campus Interview – Prior to visiting the office, you will either have a phone or campus interview. Prepare for this interview as if it were the formal interview. Research the firm, prepare questions and prepare responses to commonly asked questions
  2. Office Visit – During the office visit, you will be able to meet manager level employees and partners. It is likely they will also give you a tour of the office. Although still not the formal interview, be prepared to answer interview questions and to have casual conversation. They are using this as an opportunity to get to know you.
  3. Formal Interview – During the interview, be enthusiastic and curious. Remember that you are interviewing each other. Therefore, you will not only want to be prepared to answer their questions, but also to ask them questions.

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