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At UWorld Roger CPA Review, we are committed to providing the highest level of transparency to our students and clients. The CPA Exam is the most important exam many emerging accountants will take in their career and we know how important it is to find a CPA Review partner that candidates can trust in. It is for this reason our data scientists continuously collect and analyze student performance data to determine program efficacy. This meticulous analysis has concluded that students of the program who meet UWorld’s SmartPath Predictive Technology™ requirements achieve pass rates up to 94% on the individual sections of the CPA Exam. 

Students attribute this outstanding performance to high-quality practice questions, extraordinary instruction, smart technology and superior student support.

Getting Students Exam-Ready 

In this program, students master the concepts through active learning. This evidence-based learning methodology centers around the principle that students learn by doing. In CPA Exam prep, the “doing” is working through exam-like questions that align with the AICPA Blueprints. Questions are paired with clear and concise, expert-written answer explanations that include vivid imagery to summarize the concepts, plus a full breakdown of why each answer option is correct or incorrect. Concept mastery is enhanced with the integration of world-class learning tools, such as motivating and effective lectures, expert-written textbooks, digital flashcards and more.

Throughout the program, students refer to UWorld’s signature SmartPath Predictive Technology™ to help them study more efficiently and gauge exam-readiness. SmartPath is a data-driven platform that provides recommended targets based on previous students who have passed the CPA Exam. Through SmartPath, each student’s goal is to hit both the progress target (Questions Attempted) and performance target (Score) for each chapter. Once a student has met all targets, they have demonstrated proficiency in the content, sufficient exposure to the exam format, and are now considered exam-ready.

Smartpath Exam Ready

How UWorld Roger CPA Review Pass Rates are Calculated

Pass rate data is based on those students who have met the above SmartPath targets to indicate exam-readiness and have also self-reported their exam scores. We recognize there is potential for bias, as students are not required to submit their scores.

Data Collection
We collect student score data directly through an integrated widget in the course dashboard. Students can easily input their score information into this widget once they have received their scores. We furthermore conduct routine outreach to remind students to input their scores after score releases.

On a quarterly basis, our data and machine-learning scientists collect the self-reported score data from the indicated cohort of exam-ready students. The total number of passing scores is then divided by the total number of attempted sections within this cohort. This process is completed for each of the four course sections (AUD, BEC, FAR, REG).


The findings indicate that UWorld Roger CPA Review students achieve significantly higher pass rates than the overall national CPA Exam average. Below is a breakdown of how UWorld Roger CPA Review students compare to CPA candidates on an annual basis.
AICPA Cumulative Pass Rate* UWorld Roger CPA Cumulative Pass Rate
AUD 52.84% 90.1%
BEC 65.56% 89.1%
FAR 49.98% 92.0%
REG 62.29% 94.0%

*2020 AICPA cumulative pass rate.

Our Promise  

At UWorld Roger CPA Review, everything we do is for our students and ensuring their success—from providing the highest level of quality in our products and services, to conducting meticulous and transparent procedures in determining program efficacy. When you put your trust in UWorld, you can feel confident in knowing that you have a team dedicated to helping you reach your goals. It is for this reason the accounting profession’s top educators, employers, and professional organizations choose UWorld as their partner in CPA Exam preparation.

Over 2 million of the world’s leading accountants, doctors, nurses, lawyers, finance professionals, and more have passed their high-stakes exams with UWorld. Now it’s your turn.

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