The American Accounting Association is Imagining the Future of Accounting


The 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Accounting Association, hosted in San Diego, California, August 5th – 9th, is themed around Imagining the Future of accounting. The AAA President, David Burgstahler, describes the annual meeting theme as a means to, “…explore the various ways we can shape the future of accounting…” and that the AAA organization, “…must respond to the challenges of our ever-changing environment.”

Considerable technological advances require a new perspective of how the accounting industry optimizes productivity. Today’s accountant is no longer burdened with task-oriented projects. Instead, thanks to the shift in dynamic accounting technology, accounting software programs are becoming more automated and the role of the accountant is changing to that of a more experienced business advisor. 

The demand for more advanced roles in accounting are increasing the necessity for more Certified Public Accountants to serve as strategic business advisors and important decision-makers.

As the industry moves into 2018 and beyond, accounting professors will need to consider integrating CPA Exam curricula into their classrooms. Encouraging knowledge of the CPA Exam will provide their students with a deeper understanding of the higher-level skills needed to bridge the transition from academia into the accounting business world. 

Unfortunately, the future demand for more CPAs is met with recent research indicating that while the volume of accounting graduates has reached a record high…

The number of new CPA candidates and CPA Exam sections taken annually remains flat – which is referenced to as the flat CPA Pipeline. “This presents an incredible opportunity for accounting professors across the country to not only make a difference in their students’ futures, but aid in the profession as well,” said Charlotte Roberts, Senior Vice President of e-Learning at Roger CPA Review. 

“Many accounting graduates are apprehensive about obtaining the CPA designation. They’re either afraid of the demanding investment or don’t always understand the connection between the courses they’re currently taking and CPA licensure,” states Roberts. To bridge this connection, Roger CPA Review has launched a new product for the classroom called the Accounting Classroom Trainer (ACT). The ACT platform is designed to provide accounting students early exposure to the CPA Exam to ultimately strengthen the flattened pipeline. ACT helps alleviate accounting students’ roadblock into the CPA credential, allowing professors to help shape the future of accounting. 

During the beta launch of ACT, Roger CPA Review experienced 100% adoption of the platform with piloted professors nationwide.

“Especially in today’s professional landscape, accounting educators understand the importance of early exposure to the CPA Exam. Because of this, we have experienced significant demand for this product from educators nationwide,” continued Roberts.
Roger CPA Review will be demonstrating the new ACT product at AAA Annual Meeting.  To ACTivate your classroom for this Fall visit our website.

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