Benefits of International Accountants Becoming US CPAs


Today, I would like to talk about benefits of pursuing a US CPA certification as an international accountant. The US CPA certification is known by all accounting professionals especially overseas. So much so that only recently in the past couple years did the US CPA Exam begin to be offered in foreign countries such as Japan, Brazil, Kuwait and more. 

This tells us that the number of international candidates is increasing as many international accountants see the benefits of becoming a US CPA to boost their professional development both inside and outside of the United States. So here are great reasons why it’s beneficial to have a US CPA license as an international accountant. 


With the globalization trend, multinational organizations are more and more common and are looking for accountants whose diverse backgrounds and cultures can offer insight into business operations and practices. So while many accountants might have mastered the accounting principles in one country, they can continue to broaden their horizons (and salaries) by mastering accounting principles in the US since it is globally recognized as a universal accounting qualification. 

Competitive Edge

Therefore, in a global environment, gaining a solid understanding of accounting principles, tax regulations, and business laws on the world’s largest economic entities gives international accountants a great competitive advantage in the sometimes fierce and highly competitive public accounting profession. 

My home country of Japan, as well as many others, has their own accounting exam; however, having a US CPA license in addition to a Japanese one is highly regarded because of the business involvement between Japan and the US. 

Respect & Prestige 

The US CPA Exam can be difficult to study for and pass—especially if English is not your first language and you are not accustomed to the American way of teaching and studying. Therefore, international accountants who have the US CPA designation are even more well-respected and prestigious. It shows that they have a proficiency in business English and are well versed in accounting. 

This is important when conducting business between the US and other countries. Many job openings I see on Japanese websites look for a US CPA qualification as well as a Japanese CPA qualification because many businesses want the best of both worlds, so to speak.

Travel and Residency 

While the CPA license allows many to travel, as an international accountant who also holds a CPA license, you will be especially valued for traveling and conducting business where the firm or organization you work for wants to have an international presence. Your perspective and background knowledge from your international accounting experience is a great resource you can utilize to either travel the world or find a job and live in the US. 

High Demand 

With that being said, US CPAs are in high demand both in the states and overseas. According to a 2015 trend report issued by the AICPA, CPA firms have steadily increased the number of accounting graduates they hire—many of whom are international. I have seen many international candidates who start working for US CPA firms after graduating from college or graduate school to fulfill demands as businesses grow and thrive overseas. The high demand for US CPAs is a great opportunity for international accountants looking to advance in their career and gain a competitive edge. 

Wherever you come from, there is always a path to taking the US CPA exam. Enjoy your studies and good luck!

–J. Frazier, Guest Blogger for Roger CPA Review 

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