The #BusySeason Buzz is Back!

Whats that noise, you ask? Thats the sound of frantic CPAs tapping out their frustrations on Twitter as they buckle down to tackle tax return extensions and accommodate June 30 year ends. Tune in below for some of the best #busyseason banter!

TGIF? Yea, good one. It’s hard to get really excited about Fridays when you work Friday nights. #busyseason

Scary thought! “What has been your greatest achievement?” Balancing credits and debits on the first try #accountingproblems

Glass half full! It may be #busyseason, but nothing is going to take the smile off my face!

Bring it on! Phones have been picking up so far this week. Time to get the fall into full swing. #BusySeason

Lean on a friend! It sounds scary outside. Thank god I have Excel spreadsheets to keep me safe and warm in my cubicle. #AccountingProblems

We know the next couple of months will be taxing, so Roger CPA Review encourages you to throw a hashtag in front of busyseason and youll find yourself a band of sleepy accountants to commiserate with.

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