The Future of Accounting Education in eLearning


The advent of eLearning has dramatically changed the way people teach, learn, and retain information. According to eLearning Industry, now, more than ever, learners and companies are turning to eLearning courses and online training events to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Therefore, it’s imperative for eLearning companies and organizations to continuously evolve to meet students’ learning styles and needs. They must also look ahead and predict how technology and industry demands will affect the eLearning space and adapt to make themselves resourceful and relevant. 

As an eLearning company helping candidates pass the CPA Exam, here’s how we see accounting education taking shape in the not-so-distant future, and what we’re doing to address these trends.

Adapting to Technology, Industry Demands, and Student Learning Practices 

Roger CPA Review is dedicated to providing candidates with the most efficient, effective, and enjoyable CPA Review course on the market. This is a strong statement that we do not take it lightly, which is why adapting to technology, industry demands, and student learning practices has always been our normal. As leaders at the forefront of eLearning, we’re not only continuously innovating to give students the best learning tools possible; we also help them pass the CPA Exam. Day after day, and year after year. It’s simply what we do. 

As we enter the New Year, here are the top 3 things we’ll be focusing on to continue to provide the best online CPA Exam preparation that addresses the future of accounting education in eLearning.

Mobile First

Finding 4 or 5 hour chunks of time to sit down and study in front of a desktop is imperative to passing the CPA Exam. However, we know that candidates don’t always get that opportunity, and telling them that this is the only way to prepare for the CPA Exam is unrealistic. For many candidates who are also students, working professionals, or raising a family, finding small chunks of time to study throughout the day outside of the home is equally important and effective. 

Therefore, making our course as mobile friendly as possible isn’t just about adapting to today’s mobile environment; more than this, it’s about removing the hurdles between the candidate and their ability to have valuable study sessions whenever they want, wherever they want. 

In providing candidates with such tools, we hope to empower them to reach their goals. Understanding the realities of a millennial CPA Exam candidate plays a crucial role as we think about the different ways we can design our courses and products to be more easily digestible and user friendly in today’s ever-evolving environment. 

Leverage Technology to Motivate! 

In order to pass the CPA Exam, there’s a type of domino effect that occurs from the time candidates study to their performance on exam day. Firstly, candidates have to do well on the questions. But to do well on the questions, that means they have to be knowledgeable in the content topics being tested. And to thoroughly understand and be knowledgeable on those topics, they have to be motivated and engaged in their studies. 

We know that motivation is one of the biggest factors that candidates struggle with when it comes time to study for the CPA Exam. Which is why we use our cornerstone motivational lectures in conjunction with data transparency to empower our students to achieve results. 

By giving our students robust diagnostics that pinpoint everything from their strengths and weaknesses to their overall progress through the course, we’re leveraging technology to help our students stay motivated and make more informed decisions based on data. In doing so, we hope to change their study habits for the better.

Eliminate the myth of shortcuts.  

While we strive to make our products more accessible, user friendly, and motivational, what we also want to emphasize is that there are no shortcuts to passing the CPA Exam. 

When students prepare for the CPA Exam, they’re using software to show competency, and their readiness to enter a very challenging profession. Our goal is to teach them higher order skills in a meaningful way, without letting them “game the system.” To do this, we stay committed to being a trusted provider of CPA review. Our course is designed to teach students the material and to coach them through the exam.

The path to CPA licensure will take a lot of hard work, dedication, time, and effort. But with the right guidance, the process can be efficient, effective, and enjoyable. 

Roger CPA Review: Thought Leaders in Accounting Education 

In order to continue evolving our course to meet industry demands and student needs, it’s important to remember that accounting is a learned profession that requires different organizations to come together to keep the profession successful and relevant. As students are ushered in from higher education to the real world, our role as a CPA Review course provider is to ensure that they’re properly prepared for the CPA Exam so that their transition from college into their career is as seamless as possible. 

To do this, we partner with the AICPA, universities and colleges, as well as top firms across the nation to learn and stay up-to-date on CPA Exam news, academic practices, and industry demands. Therefore, it’s crucial that we maintain our partnerships with accounting educators and professionals who help us forge the path forward. To remain at the forefront of Accounting Education and eLearning, Roger CPA Review ensures we touch and understand all points of a CPA Exam candidate’s journey while simultaneously adapting to the evolution of technology, academia, and business practices that all influence the CPA Exam and one another.  

–Kristin Lynes, COO

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