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Last CPA Exam: ‘Twas the Night Before…

CPA Exam Guest Blogger Phil’s last words before his REG Exam! For those of you have taken the CPA Exam- do you feel his pain/exhaustion?

So here I am relaxed and trying not to think about what lurks in the shadows 15 hours away.  That’s right, REG.   I wanted to share some of my thoughts before I take the final plunge tomorrow.  But before I do, I have to give Roger and his staff another huge shout out.  I received a personal email today cheering me on today from Rogers team.  If you haven’t yet purchased a CPA exam review course, I urge you to pick up Rogers course.  Not only are you purchasing the quality material and high energy videos, but you are also receiving ongoing support from Roger and his team.  That to me, is priceless.

 So, I took three days off from work to study for this exam in addition to the 200+ hours already clocked into this exam. I probably didn’t need those days, but last minute jitters forced me.  I was scoring in the 80s-90s on the Wiley homework book, which is fantastic.  But when I switched to the software, I could barely get a question right in those final three days of study.  It wasn’t that I forgot the material; but rather I was exhausted, mentally tired.  

I received a few words of encouragement from family and friends and decided that it was time to pull the plug and trust the Roger method.  I did this to myself with AUD, where I switched from the homework book to the software and began to get the questions wrong one after the other.  That destroyed my confidence and I went into the exam not sure if I should just schedule a retake or what.  I psyched myself out.

After pulling the plug, I found my confidence once again.  I found that my eyes were getting really tired from staring the computer all day and night watching videos and answering questions.  I was exhausted.  So yesterday and today, I simply reviewed Rogers REG textbook and my personal notes. I think I know a little bit about a lot, so Im feeling pretty good going into the exam.

I want to encourage you that if you are burnt out, don’t do more damage like falling into a spiral that you wont mentally get out of.  Remember, if you have done your job and answered all of the questions at least two times, then the only thing stopping you from passing is your confidence.  Take a deep breath and be confident!

I hope that my next blog will come with great news about passing the exam.  Either way, I’m taking December off (studying or filing my CPA certification with NY).  I will keep everyone posted on the results of my exam tomorrow.