Recruiters’ Secrets to Meet the Firms

Recruiting season is an extremely important time for college students and firms. As events such as Meet the Firms and job fairs take place in the fall, firms are going to college campuses looking for top talent to become a part of their staff through internships or actual entry level positions. Many college students know that recruiting season is their one and only chance to get a head start in their accounting careers both before and after they graduate. And firms know that at this time of year, there’s stiff competition to obtain top candidates across other organizations.

In order to help students put their best foot forward, we put together some bonus content from our “How to Jump Start Your Accounting Career” Webcast. If you haven’t already, watch the webcast below as Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, goes over in detail what to expect at Meet the Firms while providing great interview and resume tips.

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