When Accountants Tweet – The ‘Busy Season’ Buzz!

You know what they say, birds of a feather tweet together!
Last week kicked off Busy Season for accountants everywhere.  For many, this means endless spreadsheets, late nights at the officeand turning to social media for bite-sized breaks! Tune in below for our favorite #BusySeason banter:

  • #busyseason brings out random tweets from me, so you have been forewarned
  • After this month is over, I’ll probably be common-law married to my cube #busyseason
  • I eat three meals a day at work #busyseason #lifeofanauditor
  • Okay first years, the more you all chat, the more I will give you because you’re obviously looking for things to do. #busyseason
  • I’m honoring MLK by auditing today. #publicaccounting #busyseason
  • The cycle of eating dinner at work has started. Here’s to a month and a half of not cooking for myself. #busyseason
  •  First time looking at twitter today #busyseason
  • Siri, please answer all of my staff’s idiotic questions. #publicaccounting #busyseason
  • Heard on the radio that 40% of people did not take a lunch break today.it’s probably the accountants. #busyseason
  • Missing Dance Moms!!!!!! #noooooo #busyseason interfering with my necessary reality tv
  • Thank God it is #busyseason again. Otherwise, I might have to plan what I was going to do tonight. 

We know the next few months will be tough, so throw a hashtag in front of busyseason and youll find yourself a band of sleepy accountants to commiserate with.

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