New Course Packages: Select, Premier, Elite

In discussing the need to make learning more personal for it to be effective, AICPA states: “To target learning preference, content must be delivered to accommodate how the individual learns best. Customization not only includes offering a variety of formats and delivery mechanisms, but also tailoring experiences to different learning styles, and giving learners the opportunity to choose.”

Because we know that every CPA Exam candidate is in a different stage of his or her life, we’ve created our course packages with exactly that in mind. Students are now able to choose from 3 different course packages that are tailored to suit their needs whether they’re a freshly graduated college student or a busy professional looking to advance their career. With the option to choose among our Select, Premier, and Elite course packages, we not only address the knowledge and competency needs of individual learners, but also provide them with diverse tools to successfully pass the CPA Exam according to their lifestyle and learning style.

Select Course Package

The Select Course Package incorporates all the essentials to pass the CPA Exam. This is a great choice for the student that is simply looking to get from point A to CPA and move on with their lives as quickly as possible. All of our essential course components, proven with an 88% pass rate, are included in this effective and affordable option.

Elite Course Package

Students with the Elite Course Package don’t leave anything to chance when preparing for the CPA Exam. These students launch their studies armed and ready with the essential key course components, increased flexibility, supplemental study tools, plus a fully guided final review. This is the top choice among our firm partners, and offers the highest value to CPA Exam Candidates.

Premier Course Package

The Premier Course Package is the perfect fit for busy accountants on-the-go, and is a top choice among students preparing for the CPA Exam. This option takes our essential, tried-and-true core course components, proven with an 88% pass rate, and adds an unparalleled level of flexibility for a completely enhanced study experience, making the Premier Course our most popular Package.

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