New CPA Exam MCQ App

We’re excited to announce the release of a new mobile CPA Exam Multiple Choice Question app, our latest component in a line of innovative, high quality study tools. The app allows on-the-go access to thousands of  Roger CPA Review’s multiple choice CPA Exam practice questions.The user-friendly app hosts 3500+ previously released AICPA Exam Questions and solutions, and allows the ability to customize quiz length and question topics. Students can choose to quiz themselves across multiple chapters or focus on individual topics.  Each question includes expert-written solution explanations as to why each answer is correct, or incorrect. The app simulates many elements you will experience on CPA Exam day, while also including useful study mode features. You can hide or display the clock timer, input formulas into the built-in calculator and bookmark questions. You can also track your progress as you proceed through each quiz with score-as-you-go diagnostics, or assess your overall improvement with intuitive score reporting and by referencing all of your past quizzes.  There is even the option to re-quiz yourself on problem areas by creating a customized quiz of only bookmarked questions

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