Roger CPA Review Announces New Predictive Data Platform with Launch of SmartPath™ Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (January 09, 2018)—Roger CPA Review, a professional education technology company focused on CPA Exam preparation, announced today the launch of its all-new proprietary technology, SmartPath, a data-driven and predictive platform to further help accounting students prepare for the CPA Exam. The technology provides CPA candidates with recommendations on areas to focus their study efforts by comparing progress with successful Roger CPA Review students.

SmartPath is an adaptive learning system that utilizes predictive data to assist CPA candidates with the practice multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations required to increase their likelihood of passing the CPA Exam. The platform determines the required questions by mining user-data, and focusing on the performance metrics met by former students. This new platform ultimately maximizes study time by guiding students on a data-proven path to success.

“The launch of SmartPath marks a revolution in the way students learn and prepare for the CPA Exam,” said Kristin Lynes, Chief Operating Officer. “We are leveraging big data and objective success metrics set by real, successful students to drive learning outcomes for each exam subject matter as defined by the AICPA blueprints. Students will no longer feel obligated to perform endless practice sessions, or seek access to more questions, because SmartPath will build their confidence in knowing when they’ve reached a point of exam preparedness.”

The robust predictive analytics in SmartPath allow students to track personal progress in reaching trending target averages that correlate with passing the exam. To help students efficiently meet trending targets, they can select to take a Smart Quiz, a one-click step that builds an automatic quiz using adaptive technology. Smart Quizzes provide exposure to the areas required to hit specified targets based on each student’s current performance in the program.

SmartPath is part of an ongoing initiative at Roger CPA Review to continuously upgrade and refine product offerings to better serve the accounting professional community. The platform first launched to a beta group of Roger CPA Review students in December of 2017 and is now available to all active students.

“SmartPath is a highly beneficial tool to aid in each individual’s study plans,” said Amanda Stajcar, a current Roger CPA Review student that attended Montana Tech of the University of Montana. “Being able to track my strengths and weaknesses compared to other successful CPA candidates will help me gain the confidence of knowing I am fully prepared to pass the CPA Exam.”

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About Roger CPA Review 
Roger CPA Review is a professional education company that specializes in CPA Exam preparation. Roger CPA Review’s mission is to create an impactful learning experience that helps aspiring accountants achieve career success. With a strong background in both accounting education and the profession, Roger CPA Review works to partner with the nation’s top universities, accounting firms and professional associations to help aspiring accountants achieve success from early undergraduate education to CPA licensure and well into their professional careers. For more information about Roger CPA Review, visit

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